Meeting parent and teacher needs while remaining safe … that is the dilemma.  Below are a few PD and online solutions I recommend that I have been part of.  But then I watched CBS Sunday Morning 8/2/20 … Email me if you would like to Zoom action ideas. I am always up to a brainstorming conversation on reinventing the education system.

Internet Access was a focus of the Austin based Texas Computer Education System when I first started teaching math and computer science in 1985. That was the start of my political activism which continues today. And this is still a problem … why aren’t the decision makers listening to the teachers who are the direct line to students and parents?

  1. Data Science and bootstrapworld.org
  2. Entrepreneurship training – Venture Lab
  3. Logo Foundation Workshop – lots below because I observed this PD
    1. with the BirdBrain Robot and PD
    2. BirdBrain
    3. Example of inspiring online PD COVID19 implementation
    4. Learn from the past – 1971 20 things to do with a computer
    5. Do for the future – 20 Things to Do with a Computer, 50 years later
      1. Inventive Minds – 2019 essays on AI and Education
  4. ISTE Webinar with Ariel Jankord

I could get mad at the coffee maker.  But instead re-poured my coffee through another filter since it went crooked and coffee grounds were in the pot.  That is what schools need – filter problem solvers.  That is the systems model I have been writing about since I first started teaching.  In fact, I helped a friend with her doctoral these and presented with her at a math conference in 1990 on this.  As well as continued to present at TCEA, ISTE and other conferences for decades.  What keeps me going are feedback like the one from a teacher who said I was going to change the world with what I was doing after our presentation at a TCEA Conference with my amazing friend Pamela. The linear binary education system is not working, we need a circular education system that includes continuous quality control and feedback.

The Bees Care and need you help!

Now to focus on finishing my favorite show, CBS Sunday morning.  Something every teacher needs to start their lessons with to inspire learning.  The learning is in the details. So what inspires you to write and blog?  Sunday mornings inspires me:

We need circular thinkers for our future.  We need circular curriculum.

Urbran Harvest – Oct 2020 Jim Blackburn

Jim Blackburn is a circular thinker – His presentation was inspiring as he has solutions.

A solution – a law making having a school garden part of the accountability system. Then maybe step with active action will happen in this dilemma of education.


Happiness is found in those tiny tweaks of Joy.

Motivation for change … The education system must change!!!  Please decision makers, do not go back to the old way of Carnegie Unit, Bell-ringing, grade driven accountability classrooms!  Why?  Watch:

And Young Verse’s video taking the school system to trial:

Fish in a Tank Video by Young Verse
– If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree …

Give students the abilities they need to survive in our future world

I created this post to prepare for my interview with TED. They contacted me because I shared some recommendations. These were their questions sent to prepare, and added other excellent thinking questions.

  1. What motivates me to write talk recommendations?
    1. “Together is Better
    2.  Looking for 360 degree links to build a bridge to debug the education system.
  2. What do you find most valuable about the experience?
    1. When someone values my idea, that give me the motivation to keep write-fighting.
    2. When I see the army grow and more generals leading the charge.

That made me feel good…  3 people… great questions.  Will be interesting to see where this goes.  They even brought up my reviews and asked why I did them. Now motivated to do more. Love conversations not presentations.  This is what should happen in classrooms with students.  And they were there on-time and ended on-time, 30 minutes. After my interview with TED, I know that this tech Development and Design team researching a community engagement platform, would be the very ones to share a solution to opening up schools.

What else made me feel good was talking to my grandson who is going into 9th grade. He is taking Harvard’s CS50 course for fun. We zoomed today after I read an article about How this distlance learning class was built.

Motivated now to write an editorial to respond to Elizabeth Gregory‘s article “Opinion: How to jump-start equity in education during COVID-19 crisis, not make things worse.” She is at the University of Houston where I earned my masters degree and became one of the first certified computer science teachers in Texas in 1985.  Have lots of connections there, and it is connections that create bridges for change.

What did TED pick out for me today? Solutions: Cooperation, Power to negotiate, successful economics are gardens, uses money to change laws … things I have been blogging about to change the education system.  Nice!! Thank you AI TED.   Action Idea: law having a school garden be part of accountability.  COVID is opening up testing funds to go other places. Teachers use your power to negotiate for your students.


AI used by TED know what interests me.  Picked this out today, as must have known misquotes were on my mind, and body.  This is hands-on research who uses local workers and puts team of young scientists together.  That is my goal, to find the bugs in classrooms and give teachers the tools to eradicate them. But to do this, I know I need to be my grandson’s at-home science teacher. And make waves to change the policy to change the education system based on Carnegie Units to problem solving PBL integrated units.


Knowing what to protest by digging down in the misinformation to the science.

The new space

Design your habitat – Where will you be in the future?

How amazing was today! #LaunchAmerica

My first job was at NASA when I graduated from high school in 1966.  That led to an aspiration to apply for the teacher in space program.  And continues today as I try to motivate young leaders as a Houston Aspirations.org award coordinator.

Today was also the NCWIT 2020 National Award Ceremony.  The keynote conversation with Ruthe Farmer and Limor Fried was powerful, like the Falcon that launched a new future. Limor Fried asked, How will you use the power you have?  And this boost was continued with the voices of 4 inspirational aspirations.org winners! 

My boost was fueled when I was honored as a White House Champion of Change for Computer Science Education.  Ruthe was also a Champion of Change and the power behind recruiting me to start the Aspirations program in Houston a decade ago. Please use your powers to design a space for you and my grandchildren. Oh, the places we will go!  … Launch2020


My questions perked by #LaunchAmerica:

Search the space of Internet to find your own answers –
Knowledge is answers to questions.

Accountability for schools should be based on the questions students ask.
Not worksheet questions created by others.

We need an Integrated Communication Loop in Education too.  …  Can we get almost all the way up? And create capsule art.
Let this be the start of a new Journey in the Classroom that will change education for All!
Thanks for your patience as I push to debug a system that must change the tangled mess I see.  The current education system is not working. Time to get Elon Musk type thinkers to make it happen. Where is the control center standing by? Where is Cyber Security?


Women can be the leaders that can design new pathways. What beautiful days full of art and inspiration. Thank you to all!!

So, what is missing in the education system? A lack of quality control and feedback. The busy bee is the quality control  agent. We can learn from nature. We can learn from Space. We can learn from the voices not heard!

The Bees Care and need you help!

A Different Way

Hindsight is 2020

A different way of using your voice …

“Stand still and wait until the way forward is clear.” – How long should I wait? Maybe going to Julie’s Library with my 4 year old granddaughter might help me find the right pathway.

… Finding that pathway for my voice by researching positive role models like Bill Gates.  And teaching teachers about the importance of learning about data science and quackery.  In other words, learning if information is valid or invalid. Changing the model of competitive education into collaborative.  Adding more librarians and counselors who can support students in research and building new passions and interests.  Maybe that just might be finding new pathways for health.  And that health includes our trees. Encouraging our youth to grow vegetables instead of choosing screen “candy” with this new found time. Our future depends on changing the system of education by finding a different way.

How to get ready?

2015 – We are not ready …


2020 – We still are not ready … tools?

Tiny Tweaks

Tweaking the EES and making it Essy.
  The trEES and the bEES + You

What can we do for our neighbors, our community?

What ask can we give instead?

 What happens when private interests take priority? We can learn from Sonia Shah and her book Pandemic. We must decompose COVID19. We can “touch” our friends, families and neighbors. Friends we choose, families and neighbors, I say be a scientist, not a politician. Be a leader!

I am so thankful I have a large network of online friends and my F2F friends who touch base virtually. Susan just shared her tweak for the day, a new Rosie book.

What pockets of control can you lead? What is in your heart? Share your TP? Questions from TED Conversations … Connections we need created rapidly by experts whose ideas can help us reflect and work through this uncertain time with a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom.


Sent this to my son a math teacher in London:  knorth.edublogs.org/research/flu/ – maybe you can get your students on this computational modeling. Team with your CS teacher. Especially now that your royalty have the virus.  It really is going to take all of us finding tiny tweaks.  Focus on the Bugs, not the Budget. What is the profit motivation? An idea: Success is Something to Sneeze at– Influenze and the Super Bowl.


HOW – Build on Chris Anderson’s Tiny Tweaks.


  • How can we all pay it forward? Changing the way business is done… conviction to do what he believes is right, even if it’s unpopular. Mission to create a world where values-based companies reshape the economy, so business stops being about making the most money possible. Dan believes it’s not about doing business as usual anymore, but doing business better. His employees paid-it-back by offering to work for free.
  • What happened to finance education and only borrowing for needs.  And not living from pay-check to pay-check.

Social Distancing

WHY … It is a game of probabilities

“We MUST flatten the curve!
COVID-19 is scariest disease we have seen!!
We need bolder thinking – channel your inner mathematician!!!”


Shared by the experts … Computer Science Teachers Association – Like myself, many of us have been teaching online for decades. The video by BrainPops is informative for all ages.

WHY we must spread the motivation:

Bella is slowly learning social distancing. My house may not look good, as I have put up gates in order to survive puppy-hood.  I have gone through numerous trainers.  One who said she need behavior therapy and medication and told me to only listen to him.  I decided as the parent, I must discover what works.  And this virus reinforced the 3 basics: attention, exercise and consistent discipline.  I occasionally gave her an inch and let her say hi and then she took a mile.  No more … until she learns manners I realized her problem was my mistake in training. This AED is the same advice I give (as a grandparent hoping you want my advice) to parents who are new to the world of home-schooling.  Have fun … do some virtual Houston Children’s Museum activities everyday. And how about traveling with John Hartman. Or go to the Robotarium. Take an amazing University online course. Lets have a Dance Party!

It's all about Tiny Tweaks!

The Virus

Gives us a moment of silence

40 years … that is how long I have been teaching online.  How do I help teachers who are new to this world?  Pick a theme that connects your school and community.

How? Start with a lesson where parents and students watch CBS Sunday Morning 40th Anniversary together. Find one thing that speaks to your mind, your heart and post.  Find one thing that connects to your curriculum to share with your learners.  Inspire them to do the same thing. Next learn from the past and have a Do-Day with a little history.  – We need our armies engaged.

March 15th, the day my granddaughter turns four.  Where I am celebrating this day with her virtually. Made this video of her first year, such fun memories, and stories as she grows.



Both nature-made and man-made. 
That is why we need our NCWIT Aspirations.org problem solvers.


Our Houston Affiliate Aspirations Award event scheduled for Feb. 29th was cancelled than rescheduled.  Schools in Houston including UHD was closed Friday due to a water main break.  Then we were notified we could hold our event.  So, I had the privilege of announcing our Energy Day Academic Award winners who will receive a cash prize on Energy Day October 17, 2020.

Future awards competitions include the Energy Day Festival art and Media contest. I would like to encourage all our 156 Aspiration applicants to apply and share your solutions for the future.  Solutions to help repair our decaying infrastructure like our water pipes.  Solutions to build brains for the future – like our Aspirations winner from UH.

How do we stitch together all these beautiful piece of our future?

How do we find our Hidden Figures and grow our Rosies?