Bee Kind

American Prairie Nature Reserve Montana – So cattle rancher you don’t trust the conservancy. Could it bee because you care more about your pocket book then the pockets of prairies being saved for future generations?  Please read Braiding Sweetgrass.

How much money are the test developers being paid. How much do all the tutoring materials and time cost? There are intervention specialists in schools.  What have replacing them with prevention specialists.

  • If every student learned to be a craftsman in schools, we could solve so many challenges.
  • If teachers were given the freedom to teach children instead of controlled lesson plans geared to pass a test, the teacher shortage problem could be solved.

Mental health is enhanced when one is creating and building.  Testing causes anxiety and stress which can lead to suicide. As I was walking into Kroger I stopped by a table with a pouch that had BEE KIND . The engaging young man’s name was Riley, the name of my beloved dog, whose genes I think Bella has. He was collecting donations for Stand For the Silent. He told me his sister committed suicide. I told him about my students who gave life, and my teaching buddies daughter who committed suicide.

I look at the cat tap dispenser every day that she gave me because I said I like it. It was a sad day when I learned a student running a red light killed her.  I miss Candy. She was one of those teachers who creates craftsmen in her lessons and gives her heart to every child.

There is a teacher shortage due to mental health. Every time a teacher has to correct a student her adrenaline goes up. Every time an administrator walks in to judge the teacher, the adrenaline goes up. The deadlines for grades creates stress.  This up and down finally gets to be too much. And the teacher who loves teaching and her students must leave due to quality of life.  She must be kind to herself first.

I must stand for the silent student.

I must stand for the teacher afraid to speak up because of fear of being fired.

Educated Voter

Harris County has 7 pages – print and be prepared with your research. Align candidates with your values, not your neighbor’s whose signs your see. Nor advertisements that tell you only part of the story, the good part. Or those which might be using AI to create a false character.

The power of a search engine added to my site. I can store ideas here and easily find them. Such as the link to the Harris County candidates which I hear is the longest in Texas, 7 pages.  It is my online filing cabinet.  Every student needs to learn HTML and create a digital portfolio. Everyone needs to learn to read an URL and know the domain and folder names.

My past bee an educated voter pages:

The Problem Is …

… to many decision makers don’t understand technology!

The power of AI gives me moments in time. This is my grandson when in 1st grade.  The teacher had a stuffed bear call Mr. Blue who each student took home to take care of for a week.  Gage is now in the University of Houston honor’s college.  My 1st grade granddaughter designed my Halloween decoration display. Note how she took the dolls and put hands around each other for a hug. Hugs so needed in this world. Children are the designers of the future.  Are we giving them the right technology tools they need to create that future?  One tool is HTML programming to learn how easy it is to create a website.


Electrolytes are chemical compounds in the form of minerals that serve several interesting purposes. Electrolytes are examples of minerals. They are distinguished from other minerals in that they carry an electrical charge when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are necessary for the human body to function, but that is not all they do. Chemical compounds that are examples of electrolytes are also necessary for batteries to function; some are even included in rocket fuel. How is that for diverse functionality?

Discovered my long-time health problems might be due to not eating enough salt and drinking too much water. Requested specific blood tests (CBC with Differential/Platelet, Com. Metabolic Panel, Magnesium, Serum, Thyroid Profile II) as my husband had tests recently due to coding in the hospital and diabetes. The report came back everything was fine except my sodium was low. My doctor’s solution was to add a little salt and drink a little less water. Asked him how much?

Needing more details, I applied computer science techniques. CS teaches attention to detail, decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithms. Discovered I was eating too fast, not being present. Hurrying sure causes problems, we just need to slow down. One site from my research said to chew longer and take a sip of water between every bite.  Now I am the last person to finish eating, when I was the first and waiting for others to finish.  This electrolyte solution is so simple. Slow down, relax and learn from others.

Wonder what other simple solutions can be used to solve other challenges. As I watched CBS Sunday Morning today noticed their solutions used these CS concepts, only thing missing were the computer science  keywords.  This is a call to action to learn about the world of computer science and AI.  Elon Musk shares why so important in this exponentially changing world of AI.

I have been part of AI since 1968
when I majored in math and wanted to minor in
computer science at the University of Texas.


Me to We

Me to We is a process to tell your forever story.

To help you with that process is NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC).
An AiC winner Caeley Looney started Reinvented Magazine
to give back for helping her be a success in her career.

PLEASE help spread the word!!

TECHNOLOchicas Event – Houston, TX – Sept 27

How can we team to tell stories using tech? What ideas do you have? Find any from the Reinvented Space Gala? or CBS Sun stories … Did you know our Sun has a twin? What will Artemis and astrophysicists discover? Is NASA in your future?  Check out the Texas Aerospace Scholars program shared at the event by Zaida Hernandez and Alma Tapia TECHNOLOchicas who work at NASA.

“Now is the time to focus on safety. My heart breaks.” 

The most important WHY to apply for the AiC award is that you will be part of a closed Facebook group with peers around the country.  It gives you the ability to reach out to our AiC family in Florida.

Measuring intensity change … More than a science experiment – essential data collection. Are we measuring the intensity change in the classroom and using the data from learners? Are we using AI to help all students be masters of their brain to build STEM Skills starting with physics K-12.

Watch is talk about AI.  Then see the Elon Musk video and what he says about WHY Physics is essential – sounds similar to what I heard from the panelists: You are a scientist – physicist on the inside and engineer on the outside … You are a coder … Happiness = Reality – Expectations … How to do things better with a feedback loop and figuring things out … Books + Smart People = Success … Comic books and saving the world … Getting hands dirty … Motivating the teams … Breaking down into the fundamental truths … Figuring out along the way (EPL) – right questions …

We need Quality Control Specialist in every school! The BeeBot in the model represents quality control between every step of the problem solving process. We need the focus to be centered around problem solving and the academics to support that.  Alas, as long as the standards and testing drive the curriculum and time classrooms will continue to look like something from the 20th century.


I had the opportunity to attend a lovely dinner party hosted by my AAUW friend Kris to meet her son-in-law Ritwick, with an interest in economics of climate change. Also Phanette, academic interested in nature conservancy from Paris.

What an inspiring evening. Ritwick and Phanette are researching endangered species as that is a powerful act to use to change policy for conservation. As part of the France-US partnership they have been interviewing various stakeholders in Houston. They are researching Private land conservation. Susan and Kris recommended they visit the close-by Katy Prairie Conservancy. We discussed the need for policy makers to care and to begin that mindset in elementary school. This conversation included Meg a former special needs teacher and Susan Boone, leader of AAUW-WHC Garden Divas.

This added to my continued thought that our current public school education system is endangered. The perfect opportunity to use the power of AI and technology was during COVID. Alas I observed the same timed lesson plan controlled methodology was implemented. And teachers with no experience in online teaching were thrown into learning the difficulties with little support. And now policy makers are trying to figure out why there is a shortage of teachers. Gee …

In 2016 nine White House Champions of Change had solutions. I was honored to be among that group. We must use the expertise of experienced teachers.  We need a team of Professional Assistants (like PAs doctors have) in every school.  Those teachers can be given the opportunity to provide Professional Development instead of paying a vendor. This one-size fits all bell-ringing schedule for the new teacher and the experienced teacher needs to change. Provide the opportunity to work a ½ day and use their creativity to be classroom change agents. And an opportunity to be a mentor, facilitator and/or assistant.

On Sept 4th 60 minutes they talked about the suicide crisis – No discussion on prevention, only about the problem.  School gardens to learn about conservation with a staff member to support this are a powerful solution. I did this when I taught at Houston ISD’s Piney Point ES.  It works as kids talk to you.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of the research by Ritwick and Phanette on endangered species and policy change. I am hoping others feel the importance of nature conservation and conversation.

Problem Decomposition

Big Problems, Little Problems … just breath and think!

Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants should be part of every policy maker’s research!!

… And Read !! Great Quotes from Great Leaders
“I have found the best way to give advice to children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.” – Harry S. Truman

“Walk with me.” – That is the command I use with Bella, as I don’t like “Heel.”  As a puppy she nipped and Mia the 3 year taught her the command “calm.” It was a big problem and after 3 professional trainers  and watching lots of videos, ended up using techniques from the classroom I used with students who were management problems, some had Asperger’s and ADHD.  Now at 3 years Bella has matured and is a therapy dog for both myself and my husband. She brings me joy in my life.

A problem is that the book “Big Problems, Little Problems” is it is not free, so leaves out the very students who are stressed and need access to this story. Time to put heart over money.  It is chemistry: colostrum + testosterone … building health together.  We need champions to help children practice what this dad does to teach his son to solve the daily challenges of life.

Our NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Winner is one of those champions.  Sonia collaborated with Westside High School students to create a PSA during their lunch hour Girls Who Code Club.  They addressed a big problem, equity in schools. See their product at

Another champion is computer science teacher and Houston AiC Educator of the year Meg Willette. Meg is a conversation leader who helps others understand how computer science is aligned to what they teach.

I am so proud of my Girls Who Code club. We had girls join the club at the beginning of the school year who have never coded before. They focused learning Scratch, a block based programming language. The national GWC challenged clubs to focus on an area that they are passionate about. The girls were passionate about equality of education in America.

See the NCWIT summit to learn the power of champions.

Delete or Keep – that is the question.
To Create or Destroy?

I am upset at myself for making a number of decisions lately that I regret. Like cutting off a tree branch, I can’t put it back. But when I step back and look at the big picture, I see my mistake. These include not attending events due to time conflicts and trashing a school STEM project. These are just little problems compared to the big problems happening in our world.  I do know that little decisions are eat at my soul and talking to others who understand my mindset and writing helps.

That that is why I tweeted this today: “Please add Education Reform to your March. After-all the shooter was a high school dropout and the police did not have the critical thinking skills needed to make the decision to take immediate action. “  Reading the article by an Ulvalde pediatrician increases the need to change the education system even more.  Like doctors who have the expertise to make decisions for their patients, it is the teachers along with parents as partners who should be making decisions for their classroom time.

I am currently trying to downsize and give away my books and teaching materials.  I was honored at the White House for that history.  In one book I decided to keep,  “Great Quotes from Great Leaders” , the first quote was by Winston Churchill: “It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.” I now know that I need to not make the same mistake and just reorganize and hopefully find someone who can use my history.  I need to find those links in the chain. Is that you?  Just ask and sharing will bring me joy like my Bella.

One thing nice about posting online, is that decisions are easy to change. And I can easily find past ideas unlike physical objects. It is history that needs to be kept. It is links to former students like Ashley Turner whose vision as a change agent feels my heart. There are links to ideas to help students find their creative passions through playfulness. We must produce creative thinkers and inventors.

These are a few online resources, but I have lots on this site:

Mother Trees

I found solutions to building networks for NCWIT Aspirations in Computing by listening to “Finding the Mother Tree” as I garden.  So reaching out to my mother tree friends. We need mentor circles for parents and teachers who have grown winners. We need student leaders like Adriana who is growing mentor circles. Chapter 15 talks about passing the wand.  Anyone who knows me who wants to be a leader, please send me your root along the Internet pathways so we can scale … thank you, thank you for what you do for our children!!

Leaders communicate immediate action and do not say will plant the seed tomorrow. For me that means when I have an idea I post it before my mind loses IT, applying the time management rule “If it takes less than 5 minutes to do, do IT immediately.” On the long term we need citizen scientists and the has ideas. School to prison pipeline and other problems in schools can start with one simple step: Make community service part of accountability and graduation requirements.  Time is needed in classrooms for teachers and students for project based learning which is free.  In my school district they boosted that Data from the 2020-21 Texas Academic Performance Report showed that 70% of SBISD students are reading on or above grade-level. What about the other 30%? What can you do to help each seedling?  Attention to details – that is something computer science builds the mindset for. It this in your time-frame?


Life is short, and you do not have much time to gladden the hearts of others;
So be swift to be love & make haste to be kind.
Why do school have to be an everyday day? – “The Lincoln Highway” Chapter 9

Here’s Looking at you, Kid 🙂

Where are you on the timeline … (1) Others to Self (10)?

  • Do you tend to say yes when asked for help?
  • Do you take time to reflect on your values?
  • Do you respect other’s time by doing what you can to save them time?  “A minute saved is a minute earned.”
  • Where is your family, friends, neighbors on the timeline?
  • Do you prioritize your extra time doing things for others, yourself or your job?
  • Do you choose pleasure over principal?
  • Do you monitor your screen time and give equitable time to exercise?
  • Is what you put into your body helpful or selfish?
    • Drinking that coke, eating that treat
    • Continuing to smoke or use e-cigarettes which is just as bad.

I am taking the time to read CASTE.  The section about Alpha dogs really hit home for me. To think if I had not taken the time to join an AAUW book club, I would not have rediscovered the connections to my past teaching years which is told by Mia.

Time for Safety!


In 2014 Van Jones and Prince founded #YesWeCode (now Dream Corps TECH) to connect the genius found in communities of color with the transformative potential of the tech industry.  Prince was called Skipper in elementary school.  He said teachers need to get more money.  The power of Story Telling!!! The power of using history to create change.

TIME for Peace, Love and Kindness