Dance Party HCE


Hour of Code Dec. 2018 SBISD Hunters Creek ES 3rd grade classes …

The Party begins at

Which ones can you do? Dance forever moves include:

  • Body Roll
  • Clap High
  • Dab
  • Double Down
  • Drop
  • Floss
  • Fresh
  • Gangnam
  • Star
  • This or That
  • Zombie.

The Challenge is on!!!!

Examples of Dances from my Xmas present family challenge:

The 13 Puzzles and lesson used during the Hour of Code at HCE:

  1. Make a Dancer:
  2. Add EVENT: (A measure refers to a certain number of beats.)
  3. Add another event:
  4. Add background:
  5. Change dance move after 2 measures:
  6. Add backup dancer:
  7. Change PROPERTY – Size: (Properties describe things like the dancer’s position on the screen, the dancer’s size, and the dancer’s color.)
  8. Change Property – Tint:
  9. Make Properties respond to music:
  10. Run code when an arrow is pressed:
  11. More Arrow control …
  12. Create a bunch of dancers at once
  13. Now create your own dance and share with the world. Blocks are listed in groups. Use pull-down menu to find your dance code.
  14. Continue the Input-Process-Output Model Loop with Feedback
    1. Fine-tune your dance at home and share your dances with your family for presents.  Click the Share button and add cell-phone number.
    2. Then create a choreographed dance and preform for your family with the animated characters in the background.  What FUN!!!

From Action to Code …


How about Dance For All … partnered with CS For All. As Together is Better!

Spring Branch ISD Computational Thinking Cohort

MAY 1ST 2019 – Motivated from the Winds of Time celebration at HCE where they have a May Pole Dance.

May 4th 2019 Aldine ISD Tech Fest.  Play Bee-Gees You Should be Dancing while watching the video.  And then continue listening to “Staying Alive” as that is what teachers are trying to do in the classroom.  When they should be spending time dancing not doing test prep.  As memorizing things like math facts is better in a song.  Problem solving is better when building with hands. And assessment should be products of learning like Morgan and Kylee’s poster presentation