Mother Trees

I found solutions to building networks for NCWIT Aspirations in Computing by listening to “Finding the Mother Tree” as I garden.  So reaching out to my mother tree friends. We need mentor circles for parents and teachers who have grown winners. We need student leaders like Adriana who is growing mentor circles. Chapter 15 talks about passing the wand.  Anyone who knows me who wants to be a leader, please send me your root along the Internet pathways so we can scale … thank you, thank you for what you do for our children!!

Leaders communicate immediate action and do not say will plant the seed tomorrow. For me that means when I have an idea I post it before my mind loses IT, applying the time management rule “If it takes less than 5 minutes to do, do IT immediately.” On the long term we need citizen scientists and the has ideas. School to prison pipeline and other problems in schools can start with one simple step: Make community service part of accountability and graduation requirements.  Time is needed in classrooms for teachers and students for project based learning which is free.  In my school district they boosted that Data from the 2020-21 Texas Academic Performance Report showed that 70% of SBISD students are reading on or above grade-level. What about the other 30%? What can you do to help each seedling?  Attention to details – that is something computer science builds the mindset for. It this in your time-frame?

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