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I was asked the differences between and  And then we have too, which is CSTA.  Here is the answer by Leigh Ann Delyser
CSforAllTeachers and CSTA ( are probably the closest in mission.  CSforAll Teachers grew out of the CS10K work at NSF as an online teacher community for any teacher who was teaching a CS class or CS content. They provide discussion forums, twitter chats, and webinars focused on teacher learning.

CSTA ( is like NCTM for computer science. It is the professional organization for computer science teachers.  Unlike CSforAll Teachers, it is a membership organization and has specific
benefits for members. CSTA also has local chapters that bring together CS teachers, teachers of CS and post secondary institutions to provide opportunities for teacher development.

The CSforAll Consortium ( is a one-stop shop for CS education resources, curriculum, and community.  The consortium is NOT a member organization for teachers, and school districts are the smallest entity of membership for our education associations. We also have content providers (curriculum writers, PD providers, etc.), researchers, and funders of CS education in the consortium to promote cross-sector communication. We are just wrapping up year 1 – which was really focused on building a membership, creating community, and identifying the needs of the grassroots CSforAll community.  This coming year we will be offering workshops for teams from school districts to help engage administrators and policy makers in CSforAll planning. Additionally, is a searchable listing of curricular options for schools and we will be working to make that more user friendly, with better filtering options.