White House

To be a Champion of Change for Computer Science Education

The Map of Champions

Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer with the 9 Champions of Change.
Lead round table discussion in the Roosevelt Room. Now at shift7.com
Continued with President’s Week Address and COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR ALL.

Gillian Jacobs and Meredith Walker lead panel and filmed champions.
Step One to advance CS is to watch Gillian’s amazing video she produced.
The Queen of Code: A documentary about Grace Hopper

Thank you SBISD Karen Justl for the nomination. I was selected as a Champion of Change for Computer Science Education. I am awed and honored as this can only help scale my passion for changing the classroom. And motivate others to be code buddies.  See the Code.org Post and what they do for CS Education.

Spring Branch ISD Online News Room Shared Details

And if you want to know solutions, just ask TedE @tede4cs as he has been working on this since Maxine Clark brought him to life. Megan Smith suggested he have his photo with Teddy in the Roosevelt Room where she led an amazing discussion on scaling CS education.

TedERooseveltTexas has been leading the nation in computer science education.  Since 1980s we have had certified CS teachers.  And Texas continues this lead with Carol Fletcher of the TRC, who also was at the White House for this event and reported the details. Would you like to write a story for me with my White House photos? See this article to plant a seed. Write a story about teaching that includes my son, the math teacher, who fought the snow cancelled flights to be with me. 

Obama’s Push For Computer Science Teaching

Hopefully this year will be the year of Action.

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