October 2022

Dr. Davis squeezed me in to address my low blood pressure, as I was very worried.  Also addressed health issues that could tie to my stress and anxiety: Sleep, frequent urination, red eye, osteoporosis (foot-  dropped board on while hurrying), Yeast infection on navel.

My husband went to the emergency room due to massive blood from anus on August 10th. He has not been able to eat for 8 months due to terrible pain. Dr. Thomas did a colonoscopy in January,  but did not do the requested endoscopy. In follow-up visits he did not offer a solution to not being able to eat causing weight loss. Being desperate I asked a neighbor whose husband was a gastroenterologist for a referral. Dr. Jayanty squeezed in an appointment for an endoscopy. Discovered the artery that feeds blood to the colon was blocked.

Jan 2022