Tiny Tweaks

Tweaking the EES and making it Essy.
The trEES and the bEES + You

What can we do for our neighbors, our community?

What ask can we give instead?

 What happens when private interests take priority? We can learn from Sonia Shah and her book Pandemic. We must decompose COVID19. We can “touch” our friends, families and neighbors. Friends we choose, families and neighbors, I say be a scientist, not a politician. Be a leader!

Be a mentor to a student who has solutions – see ehack-for-charity – pick one, like and add a comment. These are the tiny tweaks that motivate our youth to scale their innovation with a goal of disaster relief!

I am so thankful I have a large network of online friends and my F2F friends who touch base virtually. Susan just shared her tweak for the day, a new Rosie book.

What pockets of control can you lead? What is in your heart? Share your TP? Questions from TED Conversations … Connections we need created rapidly by experts whose ideas can help us reflect and work through this uncertain time with a sense of responsibility, compassion and wisdom.


Sent this to my son a math teacher in London:  knorth.edublogs.org/research/flu/ – maybe you can get your students on this computational modeling. Team with your CS teacher. Especially now that your royalty have the virus.  It really is going to take all of us finding tiny tweaks.  Focus on the Bugs, not the Budget. What is the profit motivation? An idea: Success is Something to Sneeze at– Influenze and the Super Bowl.


HOW – Build on Chris Anderson’s Tiny Tweaks.


  • How can we all pay it forward? Changing the way business is done… conviction to do what he believes is right, even if it’s unpopular. Mission to create a world where values-based companies reshape the economy, so business stops being about making the most money possible. Dan believes it’s not about doing business as usual anymore, but doing business better. His employees paid-it-back by offering to work for free.
  • What happened to finance education and only borrowing for needs.  And not living from pay-check to pay-check.

Social Distancing

WHY … It is a game of probabilities

“We MUST flatten the curve!
COVID-19 is scariest disease we have seen!!
We need bolder thinking – channel your inner mathematician!!!”


Shared by the experts … Computer Science Teachers Association – Like myself, many of us have been teaching online for decades. The video by BrainPops is informative for all ages.

WHY we must spread the motivation:

Bella is slowly learning social distancing. My house may not look good, as I have put up gates in order to survive puppy-hood.  I have gone through numerous trainers.  One who said she need behavior therapy and medication and told me to only listen to him.  I decided as the parent, I must discover what works.  And this virus reinforced the 3 basics: attention, exercise and consistent discipline.  I occasionally gave her an inch and let her say hi and then she took a mile.  No more … until she learns manners I realized her problem was my mistake in training. This AED is the same advice I give (as a grandparent hoping you want my advice) to parents who are new to the world of home-schooling.  Have fun … do some virtual Houston Children’s Museum activities everyday. And how about traveling with John Hartman. Or go to the Robotarium. Take an amazing University online course. Lets have a Dance Party!

It's all about Tiny Tweaks!

The Virus

Gives us a moment of silence

40 years … that is how long I have been teaching online.  How do I help teachers who are new to this world?  Pick a theme that connects your school and community.

How? Start with a lesson where parents and students watch CBS Sunday Morning 40th Anniversary together. Find one thing that speaks to your mind, your heart and post.  Find one thing that connects to your curriculum to share with your learners.  Inspire them to do the same thing. Next learn from the past and have a Do-Day with a little history.  – We need our armies engaged.

March 15th, the day my granddaughter turns four.  Where I am celebrating this day with her virtually. Made this video of her first year, such fun memories, and stories as she grows.



Both nature-made and man-made. 
That is why we need our NCWIT Aspirations.org problem solvers.


Our Houston Affiliate Aspirations Award event scheduled for Feb. 29th was cancelled than rescheduled.  Schools in Houston including UHD was closed Friday due to a water main break.  Then we were notified we could hold our event.  So, I had the privilege of announcing our Energy Day Academic Award winners who will receive a cash prize on Energy Day October 17, 2020.

Future awards competitions include the Energy Day Festival art and Media contest. I would like to encourage all our 156 Aspiration applicants to apply and share your solutions for the future.  Solutions to help repair our decaying infrastructure like our water pipes.  Solutions to build brains for the future – like our Aspirations winner from UH.

How do we stitch together all these beautiful piece of our future?

How do we find our Hidden Figures and grow our Rosies?


As I was walking Miss (Mistake) Bella I realized I needed to focus.  Multi-taking is not working.  When I was not watching she peed on her lease.  When I got home her new name was Amazing Bella as she walked and listened so good.  I ran into a neighbor who has been collaborating with me on computer science education in Spring Branch ISD for years, and Bella sat and waited patiently as I ran my mouth.  I shared SBISD was working a district strategic plan and asked if she wanted to go with me to meet with the community outreach coordinator.  Alas, she is swamped with her 4 kids and Odyssey of the Minds and said this summer maybe we can get back advocacy work. I shared an observation I made on the construction of a house close to her.  They put in a single gate to their backyard and I regret not suggesting they put in a double-wide, as this was a mistake I made on my house.

I fear school choice is a mistake that needs to be addressed before it is too late.  All schools need to create a home-schooling atmosphere with maker-space time.  And community service needs to be required for graduation.  As I am reviewing problems our 156 Houston area Aspirations applicants want to solve, I know these students are the solution we are looking for.  That and all the other young adults who see problems and want to help, if only they had the time.  About half the students wanted to solve Social or Health problems.  The other half were concerned with education, Environmental, Engineering, Economic and Cyber Security issues. Very few were interested in energy or politics. We need small talk time in every classroom for students to brainstorm.

There is too much I want to say and blogging in circles.  So if you see an action items you can implement to change the school system, please leave a comment.  Or better yet walk in to the closest school and volunteer to mentor a teacher. One thing I know is Together is Better.  The action lies with the teachers. That is my focus, helping teachers teach.  At least those who have the time to ask for help.  So that moves my focus to monitoring educational laws. And speaking up when I know as a 25 year classroom teacher, and still volunteering in the classroom, policy makers just don’t get it.

So back to my focus areas.  “They” say if you write it down more likely to happen.

  1. My family:  Sons who are both teachers, one of HS math and other college music. My daughter, a mother and school volunteer.  Grandchildren, 16, 13, 10, 4 years old. … Education.
  2. Health:  Cooking, gardening, exercising  … “green” solutions.
  3. Do what brings me joylearning, writing, creating, time with friends.

Inspirational videos that have solutions to inspire:

And History that needs to be heard:



My greatest curiosity is YOU. 
Young … Old … Unique
The Young and the Old.


Creative Play does not happen in 2D and that includes worksheets. Play is required to build curiosity. Watch James Taylor’s story and think of his sun. 2-02-2020 CBS Sunday Morning. Look at how all the animals get along on their Moment in Nature. Let’s all Plant a Seed of Kindness.

Book by Kadir Nelson

Increasing Women in CS

 2020 SCRIPT Symposium hosted by
University of North Texas Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Breakout Discussion on Increasing Women in CS

WHY? WHAT? HOW? – Where do you want to start?
Knowledge is answers to questions – Quintilian


Lessons / Ideas:

More thoughts:

  • Scale the networking – best part listening to other passionate educators.  Looking forward to seeing their stories.  Hope to see action partnerships with NCWIT, Code.org, CSTA and the ISTE CSN as we all have similar goals.

Creative Play does not happen in 2D and that includes worksheets.  Play is required to build curiosity. Watch James Taylor’s story and think of his sun. 2-02-2020 CBS Sunday Morning.  Look at how all the animals get along on their Moment in Nature. Let’s all Plant a Seed of Kindness.

Happy Hour of Code

CS for Good is the 2019 theme.

Let’s celebrate the power of youth like Time’s Person of the year Greta Thunberg.  Let’s celebrate the power of computer science by giving all students the tools of digital communication, data science, and building their passion projects.  Lets provide time during the school day for students to discuss history and learn about the biology of our best and worst selves.

Start by watching this – understand the past and community spaces.


Learn about the impact of AI on You – amazing videos:

  • Machine Learning: Computers make decision by recognizing patterns – learn through experience with data. First get the knowledge then get the power.
  • Training data and bias: Where does training data come from? – what if only men provide the input?  Up to you to give your machine unbiased data from lots of sources.  The data is the code.
  • Impact on Society: How do you grow food? How do you stay healthy? How do you decide who to vote for?  Most important part of machine learning is human learning.  Learning how to use it for good.

Learn what CS for Good community volunteers are doing in Houston:

  • Fresh Hub Houston – We need to find solutions to our local problems by using technology like Aspirations winners Shirley and Annie Zhu with other Houston ISD Bellaire HS students.


There is an opportunity Gap – how to close it. 

The Joy of Cooking

Oh, what a Recipe for Success.  All on CBS Sunday Morning this November 10th, 2019

What are you going to do this week?

What is your teacher going to do to this week inspire Joy in Learning.