Twins Shirley & Annie

Shirley and Annie are multiple winners of the NCWIT Aspirations Award. PEO chapters nominated Shirley and Annie for the STAR Scholarship. I am honored to write Shirley’s recommendation for this award.  And I am honored to write a recommendation for Annie college Applications.

She wrote: As I reflect on my high school career, I’ve realized that my correspondence with you has been an integral part of my growth as both a learner and a leader. After joining NCWIT, I had been inspired to augment the impact of Fresh Hub by fighting education inequalities as well. Thanks to your participation as a judge for the hackathon, plus encouragement with Learning Landscapes my goals of creating meaningful change have been fulfilled. I would be honored if you would write me a letter of recommendation for my applications.

2021 GMA interview

So, I am collecting ideas and resources here: