Twins Shirley & Annie

Shirley and Annie are multiple winners of the NCWIT Aspirations Award. PEO chapters nominated Shirley and Annie for the STAR Scholarship. I am honored to write Shirley’s recommendation for this award.  And I am honored to write a recommendation for Annie college Applications.

She wrote: As I reflect on my high school career, I’ve realized that my correspondence with you has been an integral part of my growth as both a learner and a leader. After joining NCWIT, I had been inspired to augment the impact of Fresh Hub by fighting education inequalities as well. Thanks to your participation as a judge for the hackathon, plus encouragement with Learning Landscapes my goals of creating meaningful change have been fulfilled. I would be honored if you would write me a letter of recommendation for my applications.

2021 GMA interview

More about our Houston twins:

Valedictorians Shirley and Annie Zhu created Fresh Hub ( to distribute food to low-income residents. They were both national winners of the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award as well as involved in many outreach programs including Readiness Across Mathematics, Women in STEM and student council positions.  They were also congressional app challenge and art challenge winners. Not only can Annie and Shirley code, but they can also tell a story and create beautiful art.

Shirley will attend Harvard University this fall, pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Her goal is to utilize computer science to build technology that propels social movements and creates sustainable change in communities. This summer she will attend the Google Computer Science Summer Institute.

Annie will attend Stanford to also pursue a degree in Computer Science or Symbolic Systems. Her goal is to challenge the way our structures operate from education to law through the advent of technology.