Bee Kind

American Prairie Nature Reserve Montana – So cattle rancher you don’t trust the conservancy. Could it bee because you care more about your pocket book then the pockets of prairies being saved for future generations?  Please read Braiding Sweetgrass.

How much money are the test developers being paid. How much do all the tutoring materials and time cost? There are intervention specialists in schools.  What have replacing them with prevention specialists.

  • If every student learned to be a craftsman in schools, we could solve so many challenges.
  • If teachers were given the freedom to teach children instead of controlled lesson plans geared to pass a test, the teacher shortage problem could be solved.

Mental health is enhanced when one is creating and building.  Testing causes anxiety and stress which can lead to suicide. As I was walking into Kroger I stopped by a table with a pouch that had BEE KIND . The engaging young man’s name was Riley, the name of my beloved dog, whose genes I think Bella has. He was collecting donations for Stand For the Silent. He told me his sister committed suicide. I told him about my students who gave life, and my teaching buddies daughter who committed suicide.

I look at the cat tap dispenser every day that she gave me because I said I like it. It was a sad day when I learned a student running a red light killed her.  I miss Candy. She was one of those teachers who creates craftsmen in her lessons and gives her heart to every child.

There is a teacher shortage due to mental health. Every time a teacher has to correct a student her adrenaline goes up. Every time an administrator walks in to judge the teacher, the adrenaline goes up. The deadlines for grades creates stress.  This up and down finally gets to be too much. And the teacher who loves teaching and her students must leave due to quality of life.  She must be kind to herself first.

I must stand for the silent student.

I must stand for the teacher afraid to speak up because of fear of being fired.

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