Advocacy 2022

Elon Musk, how would you change the public school education system? You are a scientist – physicist on the inside and engineer on the outside … You are a coder … Happiness = Reality – Expectations …  How to do things better with a feedback loop and figuring things out … Books + Smart People = Success … Comic books and saving the world … Getting hands dirty … Motivating the teams … Breaking down into the fundamental truths … Figuring out along the way (EPL) – right questions  …  How can you be part of the Aspirations in Computing team so our youth can learn from you?

Bernie, let’s chat. Like your ideas but don’t hear the solutions decomposed.  I have the how. It can be found in my editorials and posts.  As a White House Champion change for computer science education I have a story from the inside of classrooms and putting profits (test scores) first.  Would you like to hear it? @TedE4CS would like to share hers. Where to we get the funding to put a maker space in every library?  Taxing advertisements who don’t tell the whole truth in order to get the sale. This picture tells the story.