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General  Resume:

Karen North is a retired computer science and math teacher. As a White House champion of change for computer science education she continues to advocate for equitable access to computer science education in public and political forums.  Karen is also an advocate for outdoor learning and school gardens bringing computational thinking to nature activities. She volunteers with Keep Houston Beautiful, Cities Connection Children with Nature, Spring Branch ISD, the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE), American Association of University Women (AAUW-WHC), National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT), Computer Science Education for Texas (CS4TX), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), Texas Girls Collaborative Project Champions board, and Rice University’s School Mathematics Project (RUSMP).   More about her life can be found at

Teacher Resume:

Karen North is a 28-year computer science, math, technology systems and business teacher. She began her advocacy for computing in the 1980s using BASIC Programming to enhance math skills in her Fundamentals of Math class. She expanded that to programming the T.I. Calculator in Consumer Math and using Logo to teach geometric concepts in Pre-Algebra. She taught her first computer science course in Fort Bend ISD on an Apple IIE using Logo. She taught computer science and web mastering in Alief HISD. In Houston ISD she taught a combined algebra and computer science course, as well as computer science and technology systems. She move to an elementary school to research why so many students had problems with algebra in HS and to put into practice her CS research on the K-5 level. She retired in 2010 to advocate for solutions to mathematical and computational thinking.

Ms. North has received grants to support her research and has presented at national and local conferences on the impact of computer science education to enhance thinking. Ms. North was appointed to the TEA Technology Application TEKS review committee by the Texas State Board of Education. This team was responsible for writing the Computer Science standards for Texas; she was an advocate for adding Computer Science and Engineering content to technology curriculum. Karen was on the CSTA Level I Committee working on K-8 CS Model Curriculum and is an officer with ISTE SIGCT. She also sponsored the recycling club at her school and is chair of the education committee for Keep Houston Beautiful.

1985 – 2005 Resume Details.


  1. August 2009 – HISD Tech Span – CS K-8 Model Curriculum
  2. July 2009 – ISTE NECC Conference – CS K-8 Hands-on Lessons
  3. June 2009 – WEPAN – CS Curriculum in Elementary School

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