+COMmunity to your PASSION

Volunteer – This is how we change to a caring world.

  • Lets make community service a part of graduation requirements.  COVID19 has forced many districts to switch to pass/fail grading.  Parents and students who are concerned about their GPA and getting into colleges do no like this.  My recommendation is to raise your community service score.
  • Volunteer to go beyond what your teacher requires.  Create your own level of a passing “grade” by going into great depth to research and ask you own questions.  Organize discussion groups to motivate each other to discuss the assignments.  I see my grandchildren having no problem spending hours on video games and talking to their friends in those online worlds.
  • Volunteer to help your parents instead of waiting to be asked to do something. Look around your neighborhood and see what you can do to make it better, and do it. Pick up your own trash.  We all need fresh food, start a little garden. Experiment with what works.  Colleges will look at volunteer hours.
  • Teachers, ask your student to share what they have done to go the extra inch. Add challenges to motivate that extra work to your weekly lessons, like  Make sharing their products of learning part of their grade.  Easy to do this on a webpage now.  Colleges will look at this.
  • Parents, have weekly online socials to share what your children have produced. Too many say they don’t have the time, but I see them taking time for “me” things.

What DO we need to DO this?  More Counselors and Librarians.The Bees Care and need you help!  They can be the projects managers to change the education system for learning output. They know the students who have a passion to DO more.  They can motivate the research to learn more.  They can be the creators who can change the system of education.  I read articles about not going back to the old system.  I read articles that teachers need to help their students cope with this new world. We need more parents and businesses promoting the importance of playing which is teaching.

Research from 2009

Sorry writers, but teachers are so overloaded with scope and sequence of daily lessons, they need help integrating their TEKS into real world projects. For my research on building the foundation see We need everyone to scale compassion and do their little tweak to make the world better. Our youth need to get ready for a future 50 years from now.


Monitor online time – don’t know what is best so researching and saving ideas here.