View the source code or page source – the TEXT file – to see the basic HTML Code. When web page was created blog sites that toggled between Visual and Text did not exist. After creating the source code locally the file had to be FTPed – transferred – to a server. The power of learning to code in HTML is to be able to control the output when the computer does not “listen” to what you want to design. If switch to Visual the software changes the code. Also code is added for the template display from Edublogs. The documentation can only be seen by the programmer.

First Web Page of Karen



I am the Computer Science and Technology Systems teacher at Westside High
School. Computer Science teaches programming. Technology Systems teaches
how to use different applications.

In this unit, students will hopefully learn about HTML and Scheme in order
to learn how to communicate with the computer. They will do the “dance”
in order to learn the importance of opening and closing all commands. They
will learn that commands must be spelled correctly to prevent bugs.

In HTML programming they will learn that content should be written in a
word processor to check grammar and then added to the source code. They
will learn the importance of aesthetics in the design of the web page.

In Scheme they will learn to design and code a graphic. Students can
learn more about programming graphics by going to

Mrs. North’s Graphics Web Page.

Students can look at sample pictures, code and Technology Systems
activities. But, most important, students must listen and watch the
process. It is easier to learn and program as a team.

Balloon picture by WHS Technology Systems student 2002