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My inspiration show CBS Sunday Morning had a special on Prince.  I wish they shared his philanthropy – Yes We Code – to inspire low-income youth to have a voice in the tech sector. We need entrepreneurs like the creator of Nike to get on this bandwagon and inspire youth through basketball or whatever their passion might be. What If we send out armies of Shakespearean bees and history mysteries to leave words, like the title, “Alvearie” which means beehive. We need an alveary in the classroom to create a natural speed increase to production.  Too many are bringing “relief” to education that hurts brains, like those with loving intentions that send donations and cause problems.

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Now if you are having trouble following these connections, watch the stories and create your own.  Now to research putting a beehive in my backyard to produce honey, a natural allergy solution. And to maybe look into an easy pet, a tortoise. But then I have to tend to naturalizing my gardens.
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Decision making, most important thing for kids to learn!

How trees inspired the renewable plastic of the future

My passion is to scale the passion of innovative code teachers like Gena at Westwood ES in Spring Branch ISD. She designed a manipulative to bridge understanding for her students who could not solve puzzles and needed hands-on 3D practice to see the patterns. She created a gameboard with Blockly manipulatives to use as a scaffolding tool to teach computational thinking to her 2nd/3rd grade class. The kiddos use it to think through the Blockly-puzzle problems on and to create puzzles of their own. In sharing her teaching tool she inspired the intervention specialist to make the connection of coding to help students struggling with math. Adding to this creative school puzzle we need principals to create innovative code schools to help find the secret code in every child’s unique brain. We need time for CS for All. We need to naturalize learning environments in every classroom.


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