My son Andy

The Boy is 50 – Tribute for Andy

10 Days of a Facebook Challenge – helped me learn so much about my son and our divergent thinking. Not sure I like any of his album choices, but that does not matter. What matters is that I loved his writing about what he loves.  And I love even more talking F2F about our interests and remembering his start in Music.  A garage band in elementary school with his neighborhood friends, who he is still connected to from Huntington Village roots.  As he turns 50 this year, I love that his passion for music never stopped.  And that he has found a love of sharing as a music teacher at Austin Community College.  Teaching, a passion I found when I knew I needed to have time with my kids when Amy was 2, Tony 4, and Andy 7.  Now I have two teachers in the family Andy and Tony the math teacher … Amy next as a writer of learning?

Well I made it! Day 10!!! I had a really fun time doing this and reminiscing on the music of my life. Being from the generation that lived the original transition from having a real world life to a virtual on line situation I have learned some things. I know social media was invented to promote your band and I miss that. I also really miss MYSPACE !!! Here is why. I’ve always known my friends have had a wide varying view on everything from their interest, to food, to music to things they like to do, to the way they see things etc., and that was life, the way it always has existed and it was good. In Myspace’s time we had not realized yet that social media could be a pedestal to promote your opinions and views of the world on everything that would ultimately lead to belief that we are the experts on everything about everything, and on everything that gets expressed here. A lot like this 10 day album thing, I call upon my friends to harken back to a simpler time when information was hard to come by, which gave us much, much free time to focus on the things we really should have an opinion on. Like what we’ve had for dinner. Not to mention you could design your own page any way you wanted with color and life. We could be friends with Mr. Rogers, Kermit the frog, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, and uh? no ads and profile data collecting. Who’s for the retro Myspace revolution? I miss everyone and hope to see you in the real world. I will be back to my usual every other week Facebook check in. It has been fun, thanks for caring!