A Sculptor

Bridgette Mongeon www.creativesculpture.com

See her Creative Thinking in action.

The Process – Do you see the connections to CT? Life? Writing? STEAM?

Sculpting a monumental sculpture can sometimes feel as overwhelming as carving a satisfying life. Sometimes the big picture is hard to take in and you must just focus on a portion. If I take 6-12 inches at a time, while periodically stepping back to take it in as a whole. Eventually I’ll come back to where I started. When this happens I can say, “next step or it is complete let’s move on.”

Oh yeah, sometimes things break. See foam in urethane fingers. It takes time to fix it but at the same time I think – this could be a great opportunity to do something different, just like life.

Process- these foam fingers are just the basic armature, next we add wax and a fine layer of clay and smooth. 6 inches at a time. So actually we move around this thing 6 inches at a time more than 5 times. If that feels overwhelming I just focus on the 6 inches or if I’m listening to an audio book I work , one more chapter. Books from the @houstonpubliclibrary listened through OverDrive for Libraries

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