Anxiety is amplified by things we feel we cannot control.

This is my online diary for ideas, note not for anyone else but me.


  • Talked to PEO friend who is a psychologist who referred Robin Burks, but she was not taking new patients.
  • Learned about Ellie from my daughter which started because of problems trying to get an appointment, but not sure this is the solution: Ellie Mental Health houston-tanglewood-tx


  • Friends who motivate – together we can get it together.
  • Walking and talking to Bella – great listener.
  • Knowing what is causing stress and focusing on the positive, not what I know I cannot change.
  • Getting things off my plate and not add more.



Vagus Nerve


  • Oxycise! – I have been doing this for 40 years.


  • Research – found out sodium low and drinking too much water – so much more to do.
  • Blue Zone of Health