Problem Areas 2021 AiC Applicants

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Chart based on 151 Houston 2021 AiC Applicant problem areas they said they were interested in using computing to help solve compared to 156 applicants from 2020.

Data I used for the 2021 analysis:

Topic Problem Area
Cyber Security Dark web
Cyber Security Data integrity, safety, accuracy, and security
Cyber Security Data protection
Cyber Security Data security
Cyber Security Protection of websites and databases
Cyber Security Storage and removal of data.
Economic Disaster tracker, track personal items for insurance if destroyed
Economic Funding for non-profits for education and social good.
Economic Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council – Smart City
Economic Poverty, donations
Economic Small business management of email, work productivity
Education Access to CS in Africa, and other skills
Education Animal Adoption
Education College Application Process
Education College Application Process
Education Dance to reignite fire of learning.
Education Disabilities – assistive technology
Education Drug Addiction
Education Educational resource equity
Education Efficient personalized learning
Education Equality
Education Equititable access – teach children coding.
Education Gap in STEM enrollment for minorities.
Education Help women enter STEM field
Education Integrate AI for personalized schedules for school work, sharing tasks, check progress
Education internet – use tech to create, hackathons
Education Internet access
Education Online learning
Education Online Learning – create realistic virtual lab.
Education Online learning collaboration
Education Personalize  learning, mental health: testing, encouragement
Education Pet Adoption
education public safety, online ed resources, health care
Education Reach girls to provide basics with robotic assistance.
Education Robotics, accessibility for STEM programs and resources, Angela House
Education Spread awareness about STEM to work together.
Education STEM field interest
Education Use tech responsibly
Education Vietnamese culture
Education Visually impaired community – image-describing algorithms
Energy Global warming, solar powered machines, build a fake sun.
Energy Polution – energy sources
Energy Solar Energy – environmental
Energy Water powered vehicle – Dr. Sarwar
Engineering Agriculture, crop planting
Engineering AI research – ethichal questions
Engineering Atheletic safety equipment
Engineering battery-powered sensor to direct traffic when lights go out
Engineering Create durable technology, better communication in times of need.
Engineering Devices for education in developing countries.
Engineering Digital Divide – computer wifi kits
Engineering Homelessness – solar powered hot meals, heated blankets
Engineering ML computer vision and breathing device for firefighters and wildfire prediction.
Engineering Online control of elevator to pretty touching.
Engineering Projects to solve problems
Engineering Robots to help humans in danger.
Engineering Shelters for homeless.
Environmental Carbon Footprint
Environmental Clean Water
Environmental Climate Change
Environmental Climate Change
Environmental Climate Change
Environmental Climate Change
Environmental Climate Change – Environmental Clubs, antomomous vehicles
Environmental Climate Change- increase awareness and find ways to help
Environmental Climate Change, clean energy
Environmental Create a website around water polution, plastics, and saving animals
Environmental Data collection for WWF and to bring awareness in ES.
Environmental Global warming
Environmental Global warming
Environmental Make world better:mental illness – app allows people to find solutions, daily task, animal shelters
Environmental Ornithology
Environmental Polution – recycling – lazy people
Environmental Recyling notification to reduce waste going into dumps
Environmental Rising temperatures – space travel and earth shield
Environmental Study trends in temperatures
Environmental Water – meteorology tech, rain machine
Health Accessibility and cost, educational videos
Health active lifestyle for senior citizens
Health Alzheimers
Health Alzheimers
Health Book on epidemiology
Health Cancer detection using nanotechnology.
Health Cost of pharmaceutical drugs
Health COVID – data on sounds, testing antibodies
Health COVID classification tracking model.
Health COVID contact tracing
Health Diabetes
Health Diabetes – blood monitor
Health Diabetes – monitor sugar levels
Health Diagnotic predictions through machine learning algorithms
Health DNA – functions to repair
Health Eating properly and monitor health, test vitamin and minerals at home.
Health Equitable access
Health Food allergies
Health Genetic diseases
Health Haplotype assembly, disease susceptiability and preventative measures, COVID
Health Manage resources
Health Mental health – AI art therapy – wearable with face recognition analsis – cognitive science
Health Mental Health – letters to healthcare workers around world
Health Mental health – MindScape app won Technovation Challenge
Health Mental Health – Stress
Health Mental health, teletherapy
Health Mental Heath – PTSD – diary
Health Nut allergy tester implant
Health Nutritious affordable food, technovation app for cooking
Health Nutritious food, obesity, food waste
Health Organ donation
Health Organ donation
Health Skate Therapy – diabilities
Health Smart watch to improve mental health
Health Menatal Health Stress – break room app
Health Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Health Teen pregnancy
Health Telemedicine
Health Telemedicine
Health tracker for entire populations – art
Health Type 2 diabetes – study beta cells in pancreas – makes models and simulations through medical software
Health Use AI to reduce cost of healthcare.
Health Visually impaired guide
Political Election misinformation – keep people politically aware
Political Foster care system, events page
Political Help with local community  issues. Funds raising for organizations.
Political Legislation for ML and AI to analyze brain waves to prevent epilepsy death.  Congressional YAC with Olsen.
Political Social Justice – eliminate biases in algorithms, equal pay, equal treatment
Political Voting and Election process
Political Voting Process
Political Voting Process
Political Voting Process
Political Voting Process
Social Bullying
Social Bullying
Social Communication
Social Communication
Social Discrimination – face recognition and communication
social equity, gender discrimination
Social Gun violence, school shootings
Social Helping others help
Social Human-robot interaction to help with socialization skills.
Social Internet to reach out to people and end brutality.
social Inventions to help non-verbal people communicate – tool to unite people
Social Knowledge of cultures
Social Link people with services they ay need when alone
Social Media site that only allows positivity. Use AI to build self esteem.
Social Media to promote social change, provide world with food
Social Natural language processing AI
Social Prison system communication
Social Safe App to bring divergent people together
Social tracking and 911 like danger communication app to family
Social Truthful news, facts and discussion app – diversity, discussion