Aug 2020 Ehack for Charity


All this data.
Now to get it organized to turn into information,
so we can create knowledge for action.

Connecting the connection dots – compete this survey if you want to connect to people I know:

While Editing the Draft II of “No Fear Code” has to add about Owlie and Skyward, www.weather.gov/owlie/ to the section on For Loops and Weather Forecasting.  Maybe the next Hackathon can be about building CS and meteorology.  Also in this section I added: Just think if construction and landscape worker’s children had the opportunity to learn coding. They could build engineering skills and their parents could help with the hands-on projects. Best CTE training out there, as all will benefit with mastery of English. Keywords in coding help literacy. 

My inspiration to give more time after being a judge along with fellow computer science educators Alice and Jyoti … all 133 participants who spent their weekend creating solutions for disaster relief.  And this was organized by high school students who I found did a better job of time management and professionalism with tech than many I know in the education system.  It is time to let the students reinvent the education system. – next Hackathon?

A few clips that got me thinking …. Your quest is to find which project these clips came from -> onward adventures https://ehack-for-charity.devpost.com/submissions ….


Teachers need help! My princess needs help!!