Book of Errors

“Let it Go!”  – Seems the older I get the more mistakes I make.  Learning better together and to just learn from errors and forgive myself first … “Let it Go!”

The best teacher is someone who just learned, as they remember the difficulties. 

In my computer science classes I had a Book of Errors.  Before a student could ask me to help debug their problem, they had to first look in the book to see if someone else had the same mistake and go to their peer.  If I helped them they had to write the question in the book, not raise their hand.  I monitored the book and not those cups that were a signal a student needed help.  And the cost of getting my help was to write the solution in the book. That way they could help another student which made them feel good.

Watching Gabby’s Dollhouse with my granddaughter brought up the need scale this idea in classrooms.



  • August – had to set up a mail group for my P.E.O. sisters.  Alas procrastinated and was late. Had not setup a group so forgot and had to figure it out again.  Took a break and realized used “.”s in the names and remembered from coding files names should not use symbols as the computer “reads” them different than us humans. Yeah worked, but took 30 minutes instead of my usual 5.