Action Kindness

If You Plant a Seed of Kindness by Kadir Nelson

  1. NCWIT Aspiration in Computing leaders of kindness

    Edie Cheng, AiC Director asked me to talk about my inspiration for using “kindness” as a guiding principle. I participated in a “finding your core values activity” which narrowed mine to kindness, curiosity and beauty.  Kindness inched to the top as an action item.  I have always been curious about the brain and the beauty of nature. Discovered they are all connected through Random Acts of Kindness. It is not going the extra mile, but going the extra inch through connections with friends, like the AiC family

    Every teacher I know spreads kindness by going the extra inch. It’s Magic!  My Mermaid inspires me to find inches of kindness in this world. You can find our rainbow connections @TedE4CS and

  2. eHack for Charity
    1. Project Gallery
    2. Workshops led by Bellaire HS students
  3. Unicef Child Friendly Cities
    1. Houston CFCI / Education
    2. Greening the Cities
    3. A song of the City
  4. Random Hacks of Kindness – Kids Coding for a Cause
  5. Technovation Challenge – Astra Zeno Houston Leader
    1. World Summit
  6. Harrisons Heroes