This week on Sunday Morning – on my bucket list to get to New York to see the “Automania” at MoMA” and Tina Turner and Diana shows. And plan my daughter’s 50th Price as Right birthday.  Was going for her 40th but had Mia as a perfect present instead.

Today is my grandson’s 16th birthday.  Who I can’t see this Sunday Morning as he is in London.  My son moved there as could not make a living as a teacher in Texas.  My other son has discovered the love of teaching after decades of playing with bands.  As a teacher at Austin Community College he does not get health insurance.  This was the same issue that resulted in my grandson’s father to teach at the American School in London.

It is a ego driven, wealth building world.  As I see statues being torn down I wonder if this is a black issue or a testosterone issue.  America refers to the Founding Fathers. Are teachers low paid because most are women?

As I return from walking Bella on this beautiful Sunday I reflect on being a quality control consultant. Each clip is a story of my life.  I look at all the houses under construction in my neighborhood.  I think of my mother and putting in a handicapped entrance for her trips to dialysis in the wheelchair.  My husband drove in and out of the yard dozens of time to find the easiest path.  The drive is an easy button now as turned out perfect. I think of the house down the block that did not do this and now find it hard parking in the garage.  Had their been open communication and sharing of the plans I would have mentioned this.  As a teacher of CAD and design thinking I would have suggested a trapezoid shape to make it easier. I remember when my father lived here that the ACC lead by Ewold had open communication.  Now it is a secret and I wonder why when businesses are moving to listening to all employees and building divergent thinking.

Empathy – please correct me if I am wrong … men see things from their point of view – apples refrigerated or in a bowl … Is the taking down of statues a slavery issue or a male issue? – Founding fathers … Game of Life – COVID has killed 675,000, but how many have cars and rage killed? … Gratitude and Angels – demographics.

Bringing Joy to the world …
Bella is enjoying her only on Sunday Mornings rawhide bone. The apple in our Sunday Morning oatmeal was a birthday gift picked out by my brother from S&S Marketplace in Boylston, MA. The 4.1 pounds of local apples were from Berlin Orchards. The bowl was hand-carved by Spencer Peterman. When mucking the lake in our backyard found this clam which cleans the water and has been growing here since my father put in the sand beach. I went around the beautiful web as I was walking to our beach. I am so blessed.