HourOfCode Action Plan

2015 Action Plan:

  1.  Where: Tuesday Dec. 1 3:30 – 6:30 Spring Branch Memorial Library
  2.  What: Code with Anna&Elsa + Unplugged Lessons Binary Bracelets and Building a Foundation
  3. Who:  Code Buddies, Parents, Grandparents, AAUW Volunteers, Businesses, Students, YOU.


Build an exciting 3D game to share on mobile phones. Learn about programming and how to design 3D models. Create 3D characters, entire worlds, and rule these worlds through programming.

* English: www.csedweek.us (by University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)
* German, French, Italian: www.csedweek.ch (by School of Education FHNW, Switzerland)
* Spanish: www.csedweek.mx (by Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico)

Show this video to motivate Latino girls.

2 thoughts on “HourOfCode Action Plan

  1. Hello
    My daughter joined in on hour of code at Spring Branch Middle school here in Houston. She had fun helping teach others to code.
    As a parent I would like for her more involved with CS. She is at Memorial high now and is taking a computer science class. Are there any summer camps, activities, clubs, or chapters she could get into that would help expand her knowledge of coding, programming, hacking, game design, and or 3D animation? She’s currently in the 9th grade and has willing help teachers with anything tech.
    Thanks for you help!

  2. Would love to get a code maker space started in the MHS library. Also, there are a number of code camps planned this summer. Please contact the Technology Center director.

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