3D Printing

Adding new post, as the librarian at MHS has retired (2018). Too many roadblocks to scaling her vision. Below is my former post.

(2017) Posting links here since my high school, Memorial, has an innovative librarian teaching design thinking through their 3D printer.  Was sending her links, but figured more efficient just to keep here.  Learn about Renae Van Zeelst’s work in 2017 on the SBISD Top 10 site.

To build Creative Thinking see what Bridgette Mongeon has done in Evelyn’s Park in Houston.  She has designed and built a Alice in Wonderland with 150 treasures to find. See Expanding Your Horizons for Bridgette’s keynote presentation at the 2019 AAUW EYH Conference.  She is doing amazing things!!

(Video works in Safari and not Firefox … and don’t know why.)