Deed Restrictions


City of Houston Building Code:  “Tree Protection Construction projects can be strenuous and cause irrevocable damage to existing trees. Any construction in the ROW must conform to the tree protection guidelines described in Chapter 16 of the Public Works and Engineering Public Infrastructure Design Manual. The following panels describe methods that can be used on private property to mitigate impact and save trees. Before Construction: Design for Tree Survival” …  Any property owner who unnecessarily destroys a protected tree can be fined $90 per diameter inch. Violations of the Tree & Shrub Ordinance carry a potential fine of up to $500 per day for each violation. Protected Tree Replacement Requirement The protected tree replacement requirement ensures that all protected trees approved for removal are replaced with a comparable species of tree. The applicant is responsible for properly maintaining all of the replacement trees for at least two years.

So, what trees are protected?  Need that research.

2015 Sandalwood Amendment Ratification and Readoption of Deed Restrictions – Recorded 11.06.2015

2020 COMPARISON – 9.17.2020 to 9.24.2015 – Sandalwood Deed Restrictions
Recommended a Conservation Committee be formed to monitor flooding proposals and build communication.

Deed Restriction Additions Letter: Sandalwood Letter to President

Flooding Letter:  USACE, Galveston District Letter