Face Mask

Please wear a mask!


Returned from a walk where I saw a group of 6 Moms and their kids having a picnic in our neighbor’s park.  If they are not going to be role models of the 6 foot rule, how can we get them to wear masks.  Bugs, bugs, bugs, the life of a computer science teacher. Just don’t know how to debug this problem. Maybe art can help?

What if 100% of people wore a face mask?
Together is Better in fighting COVID19.

GOAL:  (WHY wear a face mask.

  • Help prevent you from spreading virus to others.
  • Encourage you to keep hands off your face, as COVID19 gets into your body through your mouth, nose, eyes and ears.
  • Teach a little history and research on a better way – need a nose wire and whole side elastic! Data!!


  • Materials – both filtering and breath-ability important:
    1. Use something have around the house.  100% cotton, such as bed-sheets with thread count 180 or more.  Experiment with Easi-Scope so had Pima bed-sheet available.  It was not used so even better.
      1. Also suggested: Quilting Fabric, Tea towel, T-shirt Cotton-polyester blend, Antimicrobial pillowcase.
    2. Fabric ribbon >1 1/2 inches wide, bias tape, or part of fabric
    3. Elastic (mine from Binary Bracelet supplies) or ribbon for tie or loops (more comfortable)
    4. Inner filter use paper towel or flannel. Do NOT use HEPA filters as might be dangerous.
  • Safety details:
  • Pattern Style Choice:
    • Do not restrict the wearer’s ability to breathe.
    • Fit snugly and cover from nose bridge to below the chin.
    • Include multiple layers of fabric.


  1. Video with Example -I shortened the process to save time. Experimented to find what is easiest. Eliminated some directions, utility priority not looks.  After seeing HMFA Video and HMFA picture steps changed again.
  2. Algorithm (Notes from video using materials I had):
    1. Rip sheet: small 15 x 7.5 inches … large 16 x 9 – does not have to be exact.
    2. Fold in half, mark about 2 inches from sides. Sew leaving opening in middle.
    3. Press open, turn to right side, press and top stitch.
    4. Fold with opening in around the middle, stitch sides.
    5. Make 3 pleats (estimate as faster than marking); stitch pleats in place.
    6. Elastic Ears loop or ties?
      1. Cut ribbon about inch longer than sides, right sides together sew, fold in edges, add elastic (10 inches), fold ribbon, sew. Tie elastic to best fit.
      2. Make tie with fabric, use ribbon, or twill tape.  Cut 2 pieces about 3 feet long. Sew onto edge.
    7. Fold pipe cleaner in half, twist, put inside top; pleats fold down on the front, stitch close to wire.
    8.  Kids can color their mask.



My mask with my AAUW quilter friend’s mask. Susan dropped off fabric to make masks.  Found out from my PEO doctor friend that is what is needed.  So the systems model cycle continues, redesigning with new specifications.  I am sure the artwork of children on their masks will greatly surpass mine.


  • Directions assume you know how to sew and when to press. If there is anything I need to add to help with the process flow, please let me know. Improvise and experiment as there is no way I can give all the directions.
  • If you find enhancements to make the process easier, please add a comment.  I will update my directions, which are mainly for me as I forget things.  Thank you.
  • I learned about sewing clips, can’t believe I have been using pins until now.  Found hanger clips around house and think might be better for my hands.
  • Please be a bee-keeper.  Chapter 2 of Pandemic … “nobody noticed” … talking to your neighbors and friends is a solution. If you notice a problem, please say something.  Please be a role model and wear a mask.
  • Washing machine of the sheets masks crinkles them up.  Need to find a better material or hand-wash.  Need to research safest process.


So, is that safer than buying?  Is DIY the way to go?  Or is this video SPAM?  Anything can be staged.  BBB did a webinar for AAUW-WHC. Do they answer your questions? Research, research, researchNews article on this: