Making WISE connections permanent.

Join us for a Roses+Rivets Walk and Talk – Build History

See the Spirit of 45 – and watch the Memorial Day parade.

Take the First Step then …

Stop and Smell the Roses!

What brings me joy is starting from nothing, helping is grow and seeing it bloom:)


From dirt to bare roots to buds to blooms in one month.
Testing is a weed that takes too much time!
“Is this a flower or a weed? … You need human hands A F2F Expert not an app.
+#GASS2Math * Put that money into growing.

Houston Hermann Park Rose Garden -Growing Roses.
AAUW WISE – Women in STEM Entertain, Enrich, Educate

AAUW Garden Diva Susan Boone marching in Normandy for 75th D-Day
National Center of Information Technology – Creating RIVETS to build aspirations.

CS4TX and WeTeachCS
ISTE Computer Science Network
– Dedicated to promotion of Computational Thinking Education.

We have connections that touch our lives.  We have Rivets that change our lives

The Girl and the Rivet.  TedE’s Journey.

Keep Houston Beautiful has been part of my journey decades.

WALKS – I have so many pathways I am going down, just don’t have time for roadblocks. Looking for help to take those barriers down.


Women’s Club of Rice University (across from Herman Park).


6th grade student fro Houston Academy presenting at the Aldine ISD TECH Fest May 4th 2019. Play Bee-Gees You Should be Dancing  (Karaoke version) while watching the video. And then continue listening to “Staying Alive” as that is what teachers are trying to do in the classroom. Instead they should be spending time dancing not doing test prep. As memorizing things like math facts is better in a song. Problem solving is better when building with hands. And assessment should be products of learning like Morgan and Kylee’s poster presentation.

This ballerina has it all.  In elementary school in Klein ISD she codes.  Her mom said she could be on the robotics team if she continued her ballet.  How cool, as looking for kids who code dances.  She challenges to add ballerina dance move and Dance with the sugar plum to their Hour of Code dance Party. And our AAUW members want to help make this happen.

We need a riveting sculpture in Herman Park. And Bridgette Mongeon can do it. Join us for Tea in Evelyn’s park for a walk and talk with story telling about Alice. Need to get this video edited and add the History of Women in Herman Park adventure.


The Role of New Media – “Hear the Voice from the Past”

National Memorial Day Parade 2019 – Less than 3000 watching online. This is our history.  Compare this to sports.  What is better for our future?  Our economy?  How do we keep the spirit alive when can’t compete without marketing?


See Photos of riveters adding diversity to rosies.