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According to Leah Buechley in the Google CS Report page 14, CS lends itself especially well to projects and interdisciplinary work that connect CS to art, design, biology, or mathematics:

Connecting computation and computing to different practices, which sometimes coincide with really different ways of approaching and making sense of the world, is the most powerful way that you can engage different kinds of people in computing…As one example, I have been connecting computation to textile crafts, textile design, and fashion design, and I have found that through doing that, you can dramatically change the gender participation ratios. You can get lots of young women to engage enthusiastically with computing in a way that they just do not do in more traditional computer science contexts.

Computer science is a fundamentally creative discipline. You construct things when you write a program.  And in that sense, it’s really distinct from mathematics or science. That is a distinction that is not fully appreciated and made sense of, but is very powerful and important.

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  1. This quote is attributed to San Francisco artist Ben Venom. It suggests that the artist does not view mistakes as negative, but rather sees them as “happy accidents” that can lead to unexpected and potentially valuable outcomes. This mindset may reflect a willingness to take creative risks and embrace the unknown, rather than being overly focused on perfection or sticking to a preconceived plan.

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