What brings me JOY is starting from nothing, helping it grow, and seeing it bloom 🙂

What brings me joy? 
Answer to a question I am asking for a WeTeachCS Summit panel.

Creative Thinking and FINDING WOWS brings me joy!

Discovering new happenings and helping them grow brings me joy. Such as a bulb in my backyard that surprises me with a beautiful flower. The Rosie the Riveter Roses that produced beautiful blooms one month after planting. Connecting with others that value my ideas such as Warren Hegg founder of the Digital Clubhouse Network and now Spirit of 45 director. Teachers who have a passion to change the world one student at a time. While doing my breathing exercises discovering TedTalks such as Jay Silver’s when I was searching “Digital Clubhouse.” Helping grow the work of Michael Temple of the Logo Foundation who teaches what Jay Silver talks about. Discovering more connections such as Michael’s and my 3 year old grand-daughters who bring smiles to our heart as they grow.


And finally blogging, as you can post your moments of joy and over time you will build a happy life. I started on this journey in 1985 when I coded and FTPed my first website. What brings joy is when someone uses my idea to bring joy to others.

How do you know what brings you joy? Look to your decisions on where you spend your free time. In the Happy Planet? Look to what motivates you to give more time. Look to what you do in your moments of time.

Fixing something – bringing a brighter future and beyond.… Joy is finding inspiring stories like this on CBS Sunday Morning – A solution to education is starting every week with these stories in every classroom.  And how I start my week every Sunday!!!   Together is better so I enjoy this joy with my family from Austin to London, and Houston.


“Sing the story in your heart!” – Scott Pelly  Truth Worth Telling

Who knows, maybe journalism is my next story.  This book sure inspired me.

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