Problem Areas 2020 AiC

Of the 156 Houston Affiliate 2020 NCWIT Applicants, these are problem areas they said they were interested in using computing to help solve:

    • Social 24%
    • Health 23%
    • Education 15%
    • Environmental 12%
    • Engineering 10%
    • Economic 8%
    • Cyber Security 5%
    • Energy 2%
    • Political 1%

NCWIT Networking Bingo to scale common aspirations


More Inspirational videos that have solutions:

This smile reinforces my solution for education.

  • Parents must be a major part. And that collaboration can be built around food.
  • Teachers must be true partners on decisions that impact their classroom. So, how is the weather where you teach?  Do you need a SKYWARN system in your school?
  • Our Youth – Do you have a plan?  What question would you ask of presidential candidates?

My Action Solution:

The overloaded creative passionate teacher is an ongoing problem. To scale this solution I would like to see all districts requiring community service as part of graduation. And move away from the 5 day bell ringing schedules by allowing 11th and 12th graders to attend classes 4 days a week and the 5th day can be building their passions, such as volunteering in an lower grade to help a teacher scale computational thinking and coding. Doing the unplugged projects with 25-30 young children is near impossible, so most the low-income lose out project based learning, so essential in all classrooms. Or volunteering in an after school program – see … /learn/maker-space-training-houston-parks/ for ideas.


Data I used for the 2020 analysis:

Note:  To save time did not proof and may have counted wrong. Anyone who wants to do more in-depth analysis or help find mentors to help scale this work, please let me know by adding a comment.

Topic Problem want to solve essay answer
Cyber Security Cyber breaches – cybersecurity
Cyber Security data security – cybersecurity
Cyber Security Hackers
Cyber Security Hackers
Cyber Security Internet Security
Cyber Security Malware attacks – cybersecurity
Cyber Security Privacy of information – passwords, trust and greed
Economic Comparing prices
Economic Global poverty
Economic Poverty
Economic stop poverty – community service – drawing robot inspired
Economic Technology doesn’t work,know what mistakes  made and how to correct them.
Economic Unemployment
Economic Unemployment
Economic Unemployment
Economic World hunger
Education 3rd world countries provide online tutors
Education Access to higher education
Education cheaper, more viable way to teach students how to interact with tech
Education design and implement code that tests a teacher’s proficiency in explaining core concepts
Education disparity in learning between the rich and poor – SOLE
Education education Equity
Education Ethical Tech Education – Girls in Computing
Education Gender Bias STEM
Education Gender equity
Education Gender equity –  ensure women from all countries, incomes, and demographics are able to grow up in an empowering community with effective STEM education
Education Hands-on education Resources – VR
Education help senior citizens trying to adapt to the technology that younger generations are using
Education improving education like e-learning, teaching aids, and instructional materials
Education Internet and connectivity for education
Education make schools more meaningful and valuable for students, parents, and teachers
Education personalized learning to students with different learning styles.
Education Readiness Across Mathematics (RAM) program – eliminate inequaility
Education reform our education system to teach our students to be more adaptive and creative
Education Resources Low Income – tutoring online
Education Rural areas of Boliva and establish coding + resources
Education students how to interact with technology
Education Students using computers at school for learning not social sites – prevent kids incognito login
Education Support for education
Education Third world access to shelter, food, water – fun learning games
Energy battery energy Storage
Energy Electricity for Internet Access
Energy More efficient use of fossil fuels
Engineering Car Seat Deaths
Engineering City Planning – Transportation – Smart City
Engineering explore others planets surfaces
Engineering Flooding in Houston
Engineering Hands free cleaning neighboorhood
Engineering hardware and software, if the monitor of the computer is not functioning correctly
Engineering Hotline to help programmers
Engineering inefficiencies of selection, sales and distribution of cafeteria lunches in our schools
Engineering Internet Access
Engineering natural disasters rescue processes – communication
Engineering Prevent death from natural causes, hurricane
Engineering Recovery of files
Engineering Safer world –  device to mitigates negative encounters between law enforcement and people with ASD
Engineering Sports Technology
Engineering Tech for disabeled people
Engineering Transporation – effiency of getting to classes
Environment Climate change
Environment Climate change and flooding
Environment Flooding – cause / prevention
Environment Global warming
Environment Global warming
Environment Global warming
Environment Global warming
Environment Global warming
Environment Oceans – greath barrier reef
Environment Water supply from oceans
Environmental change transportation and promote ecological conservation is through fuel cell vehicles
Environmental clean water for rural areas
Environmental Climante Change
Environmental deforestation
Environmental device that will be equipped to harness polluted substances
Environmental Ocean Polution
Environmental Recycling
Environmental Urbanization’s impact on environment
Health AI machines for health
Health algorithm to be more efficient and incorporate a wider variety of data sets
Health app to provide support for people with Parkinson’s
Health Austism
Health Biomedical devices
Health Block-chain data
Health Cancer
Health Cancer
Health Cancer
health Cancer cure
Health Clean equipment and hospitals in India
Health Computation bioinformatics
Health Deliver commodities in emergencies to remote areas
Health Diabetes
Health distribution of medical equipment – start biotech company
Health equitable access to mental health treatment
Health Food inequity and housing in Houston
Health Gene editing
Health get machines to undeveloped countries where there is no access to a doctor
Health Healhcare resources for thos in poverty
Health Health – nature
Health Healthcare device
Health IV’s
Health more effective patient-care technology
Health More effective way to do surgery
Health Nicotine Addiction
Health non-invasive optical imaging techniques – UH EE Dept
Health Robot Care Assistants
Health Second Mile is a local food center – sorting efficiency
Health strain on the eyes caused by looking at screens
Health Stress – time management
Health Stress and emotional health
Health Teen Suicide and depression by tellling stories
Health Theaputic movement for coaches – skating
Health understand bacteria,viruses, and diseases
Health Vaping
Health World Hunger
Health World hunger
Health Youth unhealthy life style
Politics lack of involvement in our local government.
Politics Voter registration for poor
Social Analyze patterns, explore possibilities to find balance between humans and robots
Social App to gather these students and make connections between like-minded students
Social child predator problem
Social Communication
Social Communication for school, grades, news, etc
Social Cyber bullying
Social Cyberbullying
Social Gender Equality and Positive Body Image
Social Human Traffickng
Social misinformation in the social media sphere
Social School shooting and bullying
social Social inequality between rich and poor
Social Social problem solving – technology that resolves certain issues or awareness
Social Stress of school
Social world is more closely interlocked and collaborative – join nonprofit
Social  create net equality – make lives easier
Social Adv – projects that embrace humanity in a positive, healthier manner
Social body-shaming and body dysphoria.
Social Calm those who are anxious – songs
Social Communication  and Internet Access
Social Cyberbullying
Social Cyberbullying – wars
Social Dometic and emotional abuse
Social Drunk Drivers
Social Finding safest route home
Social Gun control and safety
Social Help people in need
Social Make donating easier
Social Mental Emotional health teenagers
Social Miscommunication causes problems
Social Presentation anxiety
Social Public Safety – 911 calls
Social School shootings
Social school that mostly male challenging because they’re unconsciously sexist
social Segration and social acceptance
social Social good
Social Teamwork and organization to solve problems
Social Texting and Driving