Electrolytes are chemical compounds in the form of minerals that serve several interesting purposes. Electrolytes are examples of minerals. They are distinguished from other minerals in that they carry an electrical charge when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are necessary for the human body to function, but that is not all they do. Chemical compounds that are examples of electrolytes are also necessary for batteries to function; some are even included in rocket fuel. How is that for diverse functionality?

Discovered my long-time health problems might be due to not eating enough salt and drinking too much water. Requested specific blood tests (CBC with Differential/Platelet, Com. Metabolic Panel, Magnesium, Serum, Thyroid Profile II) as my husband had tests recently due to coding in the hospital and diabetes. The report came back everything was fine except my sodium was low. My doctor’s solution was to add a little salt and drink a little less water. Asked him how much?

Needing more details, I applied computer science techniques. CS teaches attention to detail, decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithms. Discovered I was eating too fast, not being present. Hurrying sure causes problems, we just need to slow down. One site from my research said to chew longer and take a sip of water between every bite.  Now I am the last person to finish eating, when I was the first and waiting for others to finish.  This electrolyte solution is so simple. Slow down, relax and learn from others.

Wonder what other simple solutions can be used to solve other challenges. As I watched CBS Sunday Morning today noticed their solutions used these CS concepts, only thing missing were the computer science  keywords.  This is a call to action to learn about the world of computer science and AI.  Elon Musk shares why so important in this exponentially changing world of AI.

I have been part of AI since 1968
when I majored in math and wanted to minor in
computer science at the University of Texas.

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