Dog Journal

The hurricane hit which motivated action. 

Bella is a wonderful therapy dog, but needs some fine tuning so I contacted her trainer from puppy days. She was so bad as a puppy I was about to take her back to the SPCA. Now, she lashes out occasionally at a few dogs when walking her. I have learned which dogs she does not like and hold her lease tight and make her sit to prevent a problem. October 13th I was walking Bella with a neighbor and not paying attention. She lashed out at a dog so hard that she pulled the leash out of my hand.  The owner was scared to death as she lunged, barking and growling.  Visited Houston Dog Ranch pre-COVID but never started. I am signing up now.

May I offer a suggestion?
Have a cup of tea and
Watch “I Am Legend”

Everything is going to be alright!

“Time heals all, drink tea until then.” Quote on my favorite Tea: Good Earth Sweet&Spicy.

Is AI the next virus?