Lessons are the same as the Bee-Bot for physical computing.  See

The Blue-Bot has the added feature of Blue Tooth:

  • TacTile Reader – The Blue-Bot TacTile Reader is a hands-on programming device to control Blue-Bot with tiles representing each Blue-Bot command. Games (Lessons):
    • Step One:  Put in 3 forward tiles, 3 backward tiles.  Check to see if returns to where started. Note: This will teach children how to put in the tiles correctly. Let them figure it out.
    • Step Two:  Place the Bee on a letter.  Have team member pick a letter.  Others in group program the Blue-Bot to go to that letter.  Note: Only 10 commands available so might have to start at a different location, or pick another letter.
    • Step Three: Put tiles in and have student guess which letter on the alphabet mat the Blue-Bot will stop on.
    • Step Four:  Have children make up their own games.
  • Emulator – Read and Follow instructions:
    Getting Started with Blue-Bot App Handout