1. Boil 2-3 hours Costco Organic chicken with herbs from your garden in a cotton cooking bag.
  2. Let set for around 30 minutes – Remove herb bag. Pour chicken and stock into a large strainer sitting in a large bowl in the sink. Take out the strainer that is holding the chicken and set back into the pot. Pour the stock back through the chicken into the pot. This leaves the chicken in the strainer and makes it easy to de-bone.
  3. Put the chicken stock back on the stove. Add chopped onions and celery. Simmer until tender. Add frozen Crop’s Organic mixed vegetables with carrots, sweet cord, peas and green beans from Costco. Add desired seasonings; experiment each time you make the soup.
  4. Cook organic white rice using chicken stock instead of water.
  5. In a soup bowl add the chicken stock with veggies. I use my large Frozen tea cup from Mia. Add desired amount of rice and chicken. OK, I know, showing tomato basil soup I bought, as have yet to master that soup.