Step One:  Play with the Easi-Scope

Step Two:  Examples

  • See Examples: https://knorth.edublogs.org/algorithmic-thinking/easi-scope/
  • Take Photos


Step Two:  Plan a goal

  • What do you want to learn about up close?
  • How do you get an idea?

An Idea Example:

  • Inspiration:  Reading about Pima cotton in Hints from Heloise.  Said pima cotton comes from a variety of cotton plant whose extra-long fibers makes for a higher-quality garment or bedsheet. Bus experts estimate less than 5% of the world’s cotton production is pima cotton, why it costs more.
  • Curiosity:  Wanted to learn more, so decided this would be a fun project to use the Easi-Scope with.  And since wanted to demonstrate the use of the systems model, used that process.
  • Goal:  Compare cotton sheets made with Pima cotton with cheaper sheets.

See CT Link for more details on planning.