ISTE – CS proposal links

2020 Conference Where Dream IT become do IT

  1.– planning
  2. – CT Sphero – a weekly program where older students model good thinking and citizenship skills on a collaborative task with younger students in a mentorship relationship
  3. – Standord builds mobile units “Started with a hammer now we’re here” –
  5. – use Bee-Bots – – Ministry of New Zealand supports –
  6. – – Appalachia
  7.  Human-centered CS with Design Thinking- Everything is a remix – Presentation
  8. Rios – First CS Magnet ES
  9. K-12 engineering process with robotics – uses Bee-Bot – Clint ISD, El Paso
  10. Music & Coding
  11. Quiver Fashion + More for girls and Parrot Mambo Fly A visionary Tech Girls Rock
  12. Empowering way for the common mortal to coax their computer into doing their boring tasks. Automating boring chores is an empowering method within everyone’s reach to solve problem. (Like grading papers – teachers need to get on the AI bandwagon)… practical possibilities of programming through Python.
  13. Digital PromiseSpeak-up researchBrainPop ISTE Standards Report
  14. Transforming the Periodic Table to 3-D using Applied Robotics and Coding constructive learning experience of the periodic table designing interactive elements on the 3D printer, and construction of the table using robots that recognize the colors of the table’s elements creating an artifact that enables hands-on learning.
  15. Integration is the key for CSforAll from LA – Code stories using Scratch and create posters by connecting them with the Makey Makeys. Students improve their Mathematical competencies through Coding/Robotics and advance their storytelling and writing beyond what they would have been able to with paper and pencil.
  16. – an accessibility tool