Better behavior … better marks in school?  What does research say now? We now have digital devices too.  Including 1:1 initiatives which sure is making a lot of money for Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft and others.  Good??  A 2014 report warned schools about the social cost. Screen time is now a problem competing with nature time. My quest is trying to find the best use of screen time.  I know it is creating software not consuming software. That leads to the next question.

Which curriculum do you use to teach computer science? And why did you pick that?  Is free better? I have been asked what is best and I have no idea as there are so many now and I am not in the classroom.  So to keep up for myself adding a link as I get an advertisement for their software.

All I know is that it needs to start with a project.  A goal to motivate an end result.  And learners need to keep a portfolio of their projects, which should be part of the accountability system.  Also need to ask what is cost effective both in time and money?  What is the research that shows their product is the best, not research in general showing what they do works. What is the long-term impact on graduation compared to other products?

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