Worry Journal

Lets talk!  Conversation so much easier and effective.


  • 8-16 – Another night with mind down the rabbit hole … Responding to Bridgette Mongeon after she presented at the Lewis Carroll Society and asking: “Are you saying you want to buy the small sculpture?” My response:  I think I am saying I would like to get Spring Branch Middle School to put in a story garden, with your sculpture as the feature. Or put one in the SBISD Art Museum – or both.  I would like to get the PTOs to lead this and I would be one of the sponsors.  So many ideas and need them fine-tuned.  See connections at the end of https://knorth.edublogs.org/suns/cbs-sunday-morning/8-15-21/
    • I went to SBMS and this is where my middle grandson is starting this year. This includes affluent parents from the Hunters Creek area. I have my computer history museum in the library which was active when my oldest grandson now a senior at Memorial HS was at SBMS. It is now in what has become a storage room waiting on COVID to open things up again, and finding a champion staff member. Listening to the “The Future of the Internet” and fascinating hearing the connections to the past of what I was a part. And I know that the Internet is an exponential growing rabbit hole.
    • Mia will be going to SBMS in 6 years.  She starts kindergarten this year. https://buildagarden.edublogs.org/ – Like you, our granddaughters are special and for me what gives me STEAM.  So much still needs to be done to address what I heard from the teachers in the discussion. Thinking you might be the person to change things. Just need to get your voice spread.  First I think would be connecting you Jordan Carswell at HCC WHI for a presentation.  Which way do you want to go? Now that is another pathway, financial planning for our P.E.O. family we are helping and advertising using Alice, gee…
  • 8-12 – Listening to the 2008 book Future of the Internet  C27: 1985 The Architecture of Economic Systems: Hierarchy vs Polyarchy.  Worry that it is about time to eliminate the current hierarchical system of education. Wonder how many decision makers know the history by listening to us gray haired voices. I started with kindness connections for the ice breaker before the Focus of retreat. See visual conversation – I added the lines.