American Association of University Women Expanding Your Horizons Conference

WHY Participate in EYH …

  • A reason to be an AAUW member.  The task is easy. The commitment is short. The rewards are long-lasting: knowing that you have helped inspire girls in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade to envision careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. EYH – Exploring Your Horizons – is our branch’s main community outreach project. It is a one-day educational event designed to encourage middle school girls to pursue STEM careers. For many girls, EYH opens their eyes to possibilities for their future.
  • The EYH Steering Committee, headed by Lilian Care, began meeting in September to plan the 2019 event. We recruit approximately 50 presenters – women in the community who work in STEM careers. On EYH day, the 400 girls who attend take four different sessions, each led by a presenter or presenter team. They learn what it means to be a geologist or an engineer or a nurse practitioner. What skills do you need to have? What kind of education should you get? Where can you get a job? How much does it pay? Presenters do an excellent job of making the sessions interesting, with hands-on activities to get the girls involved.
  • We need a facilitator to assist each presenter or presenter team. A facilitator is essentially a classroom aide who handles details: making sure the girls are in the right classroom, handing out supplies at the direction of the presenter, distributing evaluation forms. The job of facilitator is easy, BUT it is essential to the success of the event.  Pat Rickey will have a short training for new facilitators a few weeks before the event so that you can locate the school, meet other facilitators, and make sure you understand your responsibilities on EYH day.

What’s next?

STEAM outreach:

  • SciGirls – This is great but takes someone to implement the strategies
    With 100,000 excellent STEM teachers by 2021