Knowledge is answers to questions!
We must teach kids to research and learn from data. 

  • A history of quackery
  • Bad Blood –  Epilogue: Elizabeth Holmes “was an amazing salesperson ... Data is a powerful thing!”  Turning point came in 2015, when investigative reporter John Carreyrou of The Wall Street Journal questioned the validity of Theranos’ technology Wikipedia.” So what do you think? Trail to begin in October, 2020

    – Quality Control … reimaging … same things needs to happen to education in this new COVID world.  A Ted talk with solutions. – ADD learning about patents and 30 year patent war for lasers to all high school reading lists! I recommended this at a 2018 presentation and wonder who has done it.

  • The data is out. I contend that the problems in learning are because education decision makers have been sold a bill of goods by salespeople.  To bring equity to education it is time to stop putting profits in the hands of test developers and into the hands of classroom teachers. And the hands of producers of education products that cater to limited knowledge. Let the teachers have the power of choice and veto instead of being forced to use what others buy.  Teachers who question mandates are labeled as troublemakers, and fear losing their jobs.  It is the classroom teacher who touches their students directly, who knows what is best to reach each unique brain. It is the caregiver who knows what is best to reach their child’s heart.  But what happens when seeds of kindness are not planted?