Houston Chronicle

See my published editorials starting in 1997: knorth.edublogs.org/editorials-published/ – And to think things still are not changing. When will the information age paradigm shift happen? I am so tired of the factory mode classroom.

These are quotes from the Houston Chronicle that I circle, so thought I would start collecting what stands out to me. The pattern from my editorials stands out over time. Same old problem, same old solution. Keep looking for that creative mind that will really implement a paradigm shift for education. Oh just realized it is 2015 and I have not kept up with this; maybe because tired of being a squeaky wheel.

  • 12-18-12 B11 Jobs and skills – Houston’s prosperity depends upon education. “This is not a new problem, and that makes addressing it even more urgent. It’s a simple proposition: Our output of skilled workers must begin to match our area’s economic growth or employers will begin to build their businesses elsewhere.”

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