Your Team Quest – send answers to the Master Rabbits: BB and GaGa:

  1. Once upon a time there was a Wimpy Kid who was playing with the CHICKS and PEEPS…  – Text how many eggs you found?
  2. Where is this egg from?
  3. Ask Mia a question about this story – text the answer
  4. Text Answers to each:
    1. What is the Easter Bunny’s favorite sport?
    2. Where does the Easter Bunny go when he needs a new tail?
    3. What kind of jewelry does the Easter Bunny wear?
    4. Where do Easter bunnies get their eggs?
  5. Fun Fact: Last Easter, Americans ate around how many eggs? 100 million, 500 million, 1 billion, 3 billion, 5 billion, none are a close answer.
  6. Completed and text pictures of any two Easter puzzles: 
    1. Puzzle 1
    2. Puzzle 2
    3. Puzzle 3
  7. Shoot 20 hoops virtually  or Shoot 20 hoops physically.

Once all are completed you will be given the final clue to the $golden egg. Text, call or email as I miss my family and friends so you can be a winner too!