Life is short, and you do not have much time to gladden the hearts of others;
So be swift to be love & make haste to be kind.
Why do school have to be an everyday day? – “The Lincoln Highway” Chapter 9

Here’s Looking at you, Kid 🙂

Where are you on the timeline … (1) Others to Self (10)?

  • Do you tend to say yes when asked for help?
  • Do you take time to reflect on your values?
  • Do you respect other’s time by doing what you can to save them time?  “A minute saved is a minute earned.”
  • Where is your family, friends, neighbors on the timeline?
  • Do you prioritize your extra time doing things for others, yourself or your job?
  • Do you choose pleasure over principal?
  • Do you monitor your screen time and give equitable time to exercise?
  • Is what you put into your body helpful or selfish?
    • Drinking that coke, eating that treat
    • Continuing to smoke or use e-cigarettes which is just as bad.

I am taking the time to read CASTE.  The section about Alpha dogs really hit home for me. To think if I had not taken the time to join an AAUW book club, I would not have rediscovered the connections to my past teaching years which is told by Mia.

Time for Safety!


In 2014 Van Jones and Prince founded #YesWeCode (now Dream Corps TECH) to connect the genius found in communities of color with the transformative potential of the tech industry.  Prince was called Skipper in elementary school.  He said teachers need to get more money.  The power of Story Telling!!! The power of using history to create change.

TIME for Peace, Love and Kindness

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