Mask Making Challenge

Yoda Challenge 2020

The only way you can improve products is to get your hands into the making. I am on draft 9 of my face mask directions. Our AAUW-WHC group led by President Carolyn, and Mask Making Mamas (MMM) leader Susan are now making masks for our members.  My Face Mask page got too long so here is the KISS process, which I am challenging you to make easier and safer.




  1. Rip or cut sheet or fabric: small 15 x 7.5 inches … large 16 x 9 – does not have to be exact.
  2. Fold in half, mark about 2 inches from sides. Sew leaving opening in middle to turn inside out and to add filter. (Frequent washing use double or french stitching.)
  3. Press open, turn to right side, press and top stitch.
  4. Fold with opening in around the middle, stitch sides.
  5. Make 3 pleats (estimate as faster than marking); stitch pleats in place.
  6. Cut fabric strip about 5 x 4. With right sides together sew, fold in edges, add elastic (10 inches), fold ribbon to back and sew. Tie elastic to best fit.  Can insert 2-3 feet ribbon or twill tape instead of elastic to make a tie around head.
  7. Fold pipe cleaner in half, twist, put inside top; pleats fold down on the front, hand tack wire in place.
  8. Put paper towel inside for filter depending on need.
  9. Recommend hand washing.  And remember to take out the paper towel.

The more you research, the more ideas you get!! Directions I learned from and made easier: