Why …


Is all about the design recipe. Knowing your goal (keywords) and how to research the ingredients (input) and steps (process). I am posting my favorites without login advertising on New Years Day 2017, as my resolution is to drink 32 ounces of water, increase my vegetables and reduce my carbs. Doing this to save time looking again, as I know I can go to this link. That is why I was selected as one of 9 champions of change for computer science education – I have posted my lessons online since 1990s by coding in HTML. Saying you will do it will increase the change you will. As well as writing it down right away while the idea is in your mind and the connections are flowing.  Procrastination is your worst enemy to implementing (output).  But the best thing is honest acknowledge that you did a good job (feedback).  Thank you Ruthe Farmer for adding that little sentence about me in your CS 2016 White House report. It sure tasted good and motivates me to cook more.  OK, I got side-tracked as the buzzer was going off to reduce the temperature on the roast, and my 3 grand-kids showed me something on their team Mindcraft game, and had to get things out I saved for my son who is going back to London today. Something we should have done weeks ago when he arrived. Oh well, time flies. Now I forget what else I was going to write; those words were good, but now gone.  Deadlines and cleaning after 2 weeks of holiday chaos now take over.


Roast Beef