Please, please Angels in my life, enjoy these Sunday Morning stories!!!
We Did Good“, Art of Music, A singing doctor,  101 and still lobstering,
history of the cellphone with its inventor Marty Cooper, California ghost town creator,
Illuminating human face with pixelated squares …
Are you next to code your self portrait?

Ask me and I can provide an idea on how to prevent future Afghanistan problems.  It is the current system of top-down testosterone driven authoritarian control that prevents quality control from the bottom-up.

We need oxytocin driven decision making.  Neuroeconomist Paul Zak shows with chemistry why “the moral molecule” is responsible for trust, empathy and other feelings that help build a stable society.

I know art and music play a part. We are social creatives – Adam Smith. Connections like planets around the sun. Needed – students to do trust experiments. Instead of gas stations, sit in laundry mats , the new maker space libraries being created. Does social media increase oxytocin? Does Fortnite, that my grandson chooses first in his free time, increase oxytocin and reduce anxiety?  “Dr. Love” says 8 hugs a day, but that was in 2011 before COVID.  Is an act of kindness giving us the hugs we all so need?

Sunday Mornings  – next quail egg avocado toast … doubled fun with Susan on our adventure when found a family entrepreneurship our future with a son studying robotics at Anderson HS.  Of course I had to chat about education.  We bought eggs at this Celebilly Gardens her Boone’s Farm neighbors. Surprise, surprise when she sent her picture of making the same thing. Thinking alike friends brings me sunshine and magic moments. And planning my next adventure on a train from Houston to New Orleans.