A Bridge that connects two worlds
Do I like this music – no – but I like the message. … building the music muscle.

The Nostalgia Machine – The Jute Box was so much fun.

Humans enjoy music. In almost every culture, people of all ages are making and listening to music whether it is through banging hands rhythmically against a table or composing an elaborate symphony with all types of instruments. Music is a product of each of our cultures, but are there patterns and general principles that apply to most if not all music? By applying computational thinking, you can create a song and refine it using the patterns and principles found along the way. Try Pencil Code to generate music with intervals, beats, cords, and harmony:


  • Music and Cognition research with infants
    • Music and the arts make us better people and society a better place,” Etopio says. ‘There are glimpses — soft evidence — that music in the early educational environment may lead to more appreciation of music as adults …. And it may trigger processes related to other learning.”
  • Computational Music 2020 Paper



When Angels Sing – A beautiful book about this rock legend.