A cancer kill switch. Need a test prep kill switch to build brains that can come up with these kind of solution. We time in the school day for discovery, experimenting and collaborating.

See the work at the University of Houston in the Computational Biomedicine Lab by Ioannis and in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept where Pepe is having fun researching brain software that controls artificial limbs. Getting one-step closer needs our Houston teachers who “control” kids brains.

While traditional lab work is important, the field is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of big data and burgeoning technology. Computation and biology are now inextricably linked, perhaps signaling a need to trade in goggles for time manipulating the command line. – Bioinformatics for the Masses


Class prints prosthetic arm for 7-year-old The work of a Hardin-Jefferson High School technology class has changed the life of a little girl born without an arm. Sarai Demien shows how 3D printing and the efforts of students and their teacher helped 7-year-old Izzy Miller receive her first prosthetic arm. Watch for moments that make Izzy light up. — Posted by KFDM News on Friday, December 18, 2015 –

Can the News scale the need for learning to code to build more products that help light up kids eyes? You can sign up “Greg” at and while you are at it, please sign up to be a Code Buddy as teachers need all the help they can get.

Robotics Trip for SBISD Students

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