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Alice Fisher – Rice University

Karen North’s passion for integrating coding and the arts has influenced us at RUSMP as we are currently developing learning modules that integrate Python programming into high school geometry curriculum, and the visual arts has become a critical component of the modules. Although RUSMP has been a long-time advocate for integrating mathematics and the arts, the integration of coding with mathematics and art is a welcome innovation in curriculum and instruction. We are so fortunate that we have gotten to know Karen and benefited from her enthusiasm, energy, and vision of computer science in all K-12 classrooms.


    • Like Stan Lee, 93 years old maker of action heroes, that aired January 17, 2016 as I was working on my blog.  Expressed why I love teaching. And why I keep sharing my ideas.

Great feeling when people care. Too much fun doing comics so keep making them. Artists made my stories look better. In early years proof read “Timely Comics” and told boss sentence does not sound right and should be written like this. They said go ahead and change it. Battle of Good vs. Evil – Characters could offer social commentary. Super heroes had flaws that created his most famous, Spiderman. Had an idea, brainstormed, but when shared with publisher he said, “Stan Spiderman is the worst idea I have every heard.” In cameos in Spiderman said, “I guess one person can make a difference.”

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