Why I am coming out of the closet …

I am a republican.

Why?  – Entitlements.  See https://knorth.edublogs.org/editorials-published/entitlements/ for those details. Are Reparations the answer?  I don’t know, but I do know that a handout without education on investing that money will not solve the problem.

Why am I creating a page instead of a post? I am still brainstorming and pray for open communication without judgement. One my my 3 values that drive my decisions is kindness.  And I am still a little uncomfortable about being open with those who are not my family and friends.  They include many republicans and democrats who value and listen to each other.  Very few people read my blog, which is my online diary and journal since 1985.  But I can easily share the URL for those who might be interested in listening.

Why now?  Reparation is not going to solve the problem on the past discrimination against the blacks and slavery.  I thank Biden for making Juneteenth a federal holiday.  The story must be told.  I thank all who are supporting the efforts to bring equity to wealth creation.  We all know the parable: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Why is my voice ignored? I have been saying for decades that computer science education is a way out of poverty.  And computer science can be taught to students in K-12 in all schools along with their parents.  There are numerous groups who have developed both unplugged and plugged lessons and apps that are free.  I said free.  But it takes champions of change to give the opportunity to build computational thinking skills to all students.  Take that reparation money as shared on CBS Sunday Morning news and give it to teachers who I think are slaves in the classroom.  Use the wisdom of retired teachers who love and miss their students, but retired due to stress and their voice not being heard.  I am one of those.

I am a Quality Control Efficiency Consultant.  I am a Debugger Bee.

The Bees Care and need you help!